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I spent a lot of time talking to the inside baseball. Silicon Valley crowd the people who create the technology. You use every day. But I'd like to think that the best way we can actually understand the implications of tech is to get outside the bubble and my next guest is one of my favorite people when it comes to that. Her name is Jasmine Technica send. She's the person who helps big brands in on identity. Her company candor has clients like the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Grey Dog and she uses methodology called brand human to help people understand who they are at their core and how that translates the outside on the company level. Now I know are pretty well and how I really want to introduce to you is. She's just someone who worked with creative people and ask the right questions. I ask questions for a living and I've already asked a lot of them on this podcast this season. So we're going to refer back to a lot of those episodes but I was thinking about it and I don't WanNa just put out all of these ethical questions about tax and never come back to them so today. That's what we're going to do. I'm Laurie Segal. And this is first contact. Okay I'm super super excited to have you on first contact. I was going back and thinking who are really interesting people who have a voice and have something to say and your name just automatically came up your top of mind so I guess we should start out by talking about our first contact. Yes please how would you describe our first contact? Jasmine? You'RE GONNA give it to me Well I would describe it from a place of just like total connection There was a a through line with US immediately. Basically we were at dinner And the theme was sex. Yeah your sexual life and your sexual preferences or problems with sex and it was a curated group of quote unquote powerful women and that was the conversation to like. Set the scene for everyone. It's all these like really well dressed cool powerful women and everybody's talking about sex and you know saying things about their sex life and really opening up and I had two thoughts at the time. My two thoughts were the woman next to me is awesome about us because we were talking total business. We just had this connection into the other thought I had was like. What are the waiters thinking right now? Absolutely and it was all male waiters which was really funny which I don't think was considered before this is subtle curatorial rate decision rate and. You're just a person that people immediately asked questions to you exude wisdom. No and I remember us just having a really great conversation at the women empowering sex dinner you know. Let's talk a little bit about you because you're someone I go to this kind of outside of inside baseball Silicon Valley area but that has like such a unique perspective on everything going on and so all these really creative types or all these different companies come to you and ask you to help out and all that stuff and you're kind of in charge of I would almost say like being there like head in their heart and creating an identity for them but what you do because you feel like you've done it with me Is You just like ask these really weird emotional questions that make you think about who you are at your core you know? And that's kind of the methodology. Bring into brand human. Yeah right yeah I mean. I'm lucky enough to be an adviser to a lot of people. I advise on their businesses. Their own personal positioning and that gives me this release awesome unique perspective into a lot of different industries and the way people feel about their work and their relationship to their work and relationship to their output. You pull out these themes from your work because you talk with different people throughout your career. What seems are you jamming on so is really interested in the conversation. You had with as asking around just kind of like this. This blue light are. We blew lighting ourselves or blue lighting trailer for our listeners. I think it was episode four when we interviewed as and like this idea of blue lighting ourselves. I think about that all the time when I wake up and look at my phone like how this impacts your relationships in every single way and everywhere I travel all over the world. There's a phone in someone's hand and they're often looking down and literally. Our body is changing our vertebrae in our neck shifting based on how we're looking down it's so crazy by the way like I remember reading the pieces on about how like our physical bodies are changing because of our relationship with technology. I mean come on like that's not a warning sign what is right and I think it's fascinating because we're not going to shift people's behavior. I think at this point with their their phones. Because you know you've talked about this so much about how it's just it's just too easy. It's too accessible. You've interviewed all the top founders and tech and they've all said the same thing that we're at this point addicted were were part of this matrix. Well it's interesting because if I look back at like some of the interviews. We've done this season so far. It's like every founder struggles with that relationship because everyone struggles with relationship with technology. So hinge the hinge founder. Justin like talks about how he didn't escape. This was such a powerful line like he was sitting where you and he was talking about addiction and how he stopped drinking and doing drugs. And that led him to be able to create hinge. You know and create a very popular dating. But he said he doesn't have social media on his phone because he said he didn't escape drug and alcohol addiction to become a slave to his phone. You have as you mentioned like talking about and as a runs the center for humane technology which means like his head is literally in technology. All Day he's a designer like he talks about how he we he goes on these nature excursions and just like leaves To degree and Shane Mack. Who created this weird dating bought? If you guys have listened to that episode episode is setting. That episode actually was pretty incredible. And and you think you tackled really important. An important conversation around trust that bought conversation in general for me was pretty fascinating because there was this thing around tonality that youtube brought up. That was kind of looks like could have went over. But I think we should talk about which is He mentioned a lot like Google fills in your answers right. There's all this a around making sure what you doing the email. But what I've noticed is the subtlety of that voice in Google if I were to let that. Ai Return my emails that would cost me money and relationships because that tonality is off for me I have to find my voice of worked hard for many years to think about who I am and connect to who I am the work I do and I'm always taken aback by how like respond. Which fills hold unprofessional and quick and not very thoughtful now. I'm not criticizing that. Ai But for me it's absolutely the wrong tonality. But that's so interesting that you say like this could cost me money and business writer son. Your whole business is built off of real authentic voice and we're entering the era where everything is automated quicker reiner but but there's this humanity that's kind of talked about that you know. There is this automation trend right. But it's better for everything to be quicker and more connected and anywhere from resumes to insurance all these things. But what you're doing when you automate everything is you're missing the subtleties and as a strategist. The subtleties are often. Where you find your pain points. Subtleties are often where you see. What the client really needs so if my tonality is off. I'm actually not delivering what they need to deliver because of a quick response so it takes me two seconds longer to be a little bit more thoughtful and then more thoughtful and I'm actually thinking about it and actually thinking about. It helps me do my project. Well so I also think there's an epidemic in tone in general in the leadership trainings. We do we talk a lot about communication audits because how you start to communicate is how you start. A relationship and I started. Relationship is how that relationship is going to go right. And you see this massive issue with boundaries in tech particularly right you can email at three. Am You came out for? Yeah right you should be able to talk whenever he should have visibility whenever there's more andro there's struggles with boundaries. I very much appreciate that statement. I feel like tech.

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