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If there was anything in the world of black bomber wax sealed in that sort of a cylindrical wack sale that could That could bright many a toe. That would be more more problematic than probably a big daddy. John haystacks or a hefty sumo wrestler standing on your foot will maybe an egregious rugby player with studs is probably too many pints over the years. They could definitely break your toes too. But you know the mature cheddar especially if it's wack sale coastal someone's or all sorts of drama if it was a stilton never stilton or blue cheese foul from the abyss onto your third. I mean who knows it will take years and years. I mean if you have stinky feet. It wouldn't be a problem but it could take you years and years to get the stench of a mature stilton. There's been left in the fridge for a little bit too long outta your socks could be an abomination. I just want to move onto the you know let. Let's have a. I wanna move onto the subject of expensive saux counting next. I do love bright salk. Absolutely door a bright sock so one of my favorite companies out there. I can get a good british soil from the carnegie sought company. Love them you get corgis on their the undenied big ben A granddad. God standing outside the palace of bobby on the beat. All of that. That'd be able to get one truncheon on that. Okay about bobby on the beat them love chocolate a long sort of slightly rotund truncheon on the sauk and they could reasonably price. Now no i love myself. Some james bond memorabilia. Looking there's a man with the golden gun. The golden gone and i it looks like the coolest thing in the world. The golden gun skaramangas golden gun in a magnet for. I may need that anyway. Saux james bond socks so there is a store out there where you can buy james bond socks and as having look at this. Robin is different. Depictions of bomb to the gun barrel Lounge lucian mean daniel. Craig bond different etchings of bond and say wow that's fantastic james bond songs shot shorter trouser leg. You show your bomb socks and be extra sixties groovy call baby and yes so i thought well maybe i'll get some s- james bond songs. More are santa for christmas for christmas. Time james bond socks ninety nine dollars for a pair of six watt dollars. The socks i mean what would awful fathers think about spending nine thousand nine dollars. Para socks socks ninety nine dollars. I mean how much if i mean. I think my grandmother's my great graham. The don socks if you're holding salts and talk about in this ball caused a fall last year if you get holding socks thrifty people with don saux repair the socks basically so they could die another day bond but yeah i mean. How much would it cost. The donna soccer. I mean if you bought ninety nine nine thousand nine six pairs of socks you wanna dom immutable you'd pass those babies up you'll be like your elbow patches. You've patched those up for generation w probably policies bond socks denver whole generation. That's how expensive they are. I mean if they lost they lost lasted maybe fifty years or something a couple of generations. Then it might be worthwhile but have the essence of extravagantly mean. I thought it might be like gold. Leafed something or painted with gold like him. Shelley eaton goldfinger embossed with gold made out of golfing gold. Ingots now the just made out of cotton maybe with a dash of kashmir zarella tops. Canada is france's favorites soft cheese italian mozzarella has for the first time overtaking. Cannon bear is is favorite saatchi's dealing a blow to one of the country's gastronomic ambulance the adoption of fast food restaurant fashion and easy home cooking is said to be responsible for the shift towards the italian product with twenty one percent rise and mozzarella sales last year cannabis sales have been declining by about three percent a year during the past decade extent on a canon so off putting that sort the white firm skin. There's like a cheese foreskin. The french still even consumes equivalent of three and a half two hundred and fifty grams. Cylindrical soft cheeses associated with normal every year. But as overtaken by the emon. Tall is the nation's cheese. And if i've had him in the hard cheese originally from the alps you know those those alpine goats really do put together a vintage cheese. The friendship embrace mozzarella made from buffalo. Cow's milk how does one a buffalo always wanted this. One other at a time officers arrived in restaurants in pizzas salads. Nine hundred ninety s furby scalia head of nominees union of cannabis makers there is a union. Enormity of cannon obama has said that their product to suffer buchanan bear is on the cheese board while mozzarella is a cooking cheese although melt canterbury's using a few dishes it's mainly consumed only after the main course when you completely fell off. The stuffing face with mozzarella canada also appears to a suffered from a decade-long canada war. Forget the war of the roses the war of the cannabis which cannon bad the best which is more oily whichever melts in the mouth. Which doesn't have that awful skin. This pitted industrial bejesus. That use pasteurised milk against a smaller makers of traditional role milk cheese which is more pungent i mean. Do you think that it's almost like chemical warfare biological warfare. If the more pungent cheese should win in a war the canon pungent cameras. Canada would always come out on top. The few the canterbury feud the great canon. Sheriff future seventeen sixty one to ten one set in january when the big manufatures bod from lower from using them made enormity label. It's making trump panya maiden normandy. Because humans could mistake the canterbury normandy the strictly controlled appellation of the traditional cheese. It's protected small producers. The diminished attraction of the big brown's account for ninety percent of the canon the ban all mention of no mandate pasteurized. Kennedy we especially worried about the future. The industry.

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