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Toyota. Let's go places we have a little better idea of what cannabis cafes. As might look like Massachusetts WBZ's Carl Stevens reports a cannabis advisory board has given its okay what they're cannabis advisory board did in approving a number of recommended regulations concerning social use establishments was trying to lay the groundwork for future cannabis cafes board member Michalak tulip says those social use establishments are going to look different in Massachusetts in Colorado. They have a bring your own cannabis system where essentially you purchase cannabis from a retailer or you grow your own. And you bring it into a facility and consume it. What's being presented here is that you can actually purchase the marijuana inside the social consumption retailer, you must consume it inside the retailer before leaving the cannabis control commission will take up these recommendations at a later date. And who knows when we might see cannabis cafes from downtown Boston Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's a fifty six. I'm Doug cope. WBZ cares. This month. We're profiling the multi-service eating disorders association, meta preventing the continuing spread of eating disorders through education and early detection. This is national eating disorder awareness week. Admit executive director, Leslie Bernstein says there are several local events ranging from a yoga class that will focus on body love. They'll be a screening of a movie also to raise awareness meadow hosts a professional conference in April. It's the latest and greatest information on eating disorders were WBZ cares. I'm Doug cope coming up at nine. We'll take you back to Vietnam. The site of the US North Korean summit..

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