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You send a monetary donation, you send all these things even a small donation can make a big impact and can quickly become exactly what? People affected by disaster need most in the wake of hurricane. Your monetary donation can make a huge difference to those in need to donate. Visit support hurricane relief dot org that support hurricane relief dot org. Brought to you by the Ad Council. I appreciate you making an appointment to listen to the Michael berry show right here on eleven ninety x if you're not Niro radio, you can always listen on the free radio at the Michael berry show, get it. The attorney general questions this morning about the Mola report. And what the special counsel thought about his four page summary? ABC's? Lana Zak in Washington. Chris van Holland is calling for the resignation of attorney general William bar claiming that bar intentionally. Deceive the Senator during this, April exchan- Muller? Support your conclusion. I don't know whether Bob Muller supported my conclusion, but we now know that Muller shared his frustrations and a letter to bar two weeks. Earlier writing the bars four page summary, quote, did not fully capture the context nature and substance of this offices, work and conclusion the lockdown now lifted at the Charlotte campus of the university of North Carolina after a deadly shooting there too were killed and four more hurt. One suspect is now under arrest. There are more protests expected today in Venezuela after opposition leader one DOE ask the military to rise up against the government of nNcholas Maduro, California couples expected to plead guilty to paying hundreds of thousands in bribes to get their daughters into college. I'm Sherry Preston. ABC news. Ketu weather brought to you by standard TV and appliance fair dry and warm once again back in the forecast, we end April ahead into the first day of the month of may on Wednesday. We'll see daytime highs upper sixties to low seventies. Northwest winds about five to fifteen miles an hour, and we're keep fair skies. And mild temperatures in the forecast all the way through the weekend. I'm meteorologist Dave Celestin. Put experience on your side watch meteorologist Rhonda Shelby on K. Two news this morning. Before you go to bed. Get the news, traffic and weather you need from Alexa, just say Alexa, eleven ninety accent IRS radio. Only. The. But only. You're hearing coast-to-coast AM with George Noory live from somewhere deep below the earth on premiere networks. Well, you won't be lonely. If you're a coast insider because you're gonna listen to this program anytime you want when you just soon do your streaming, and so many others are signing up. It's only fifteen cents a day. Costa insider, I travel a lot. I can always have my shows. I download them on my podcast and never Bissett thing. And every show I learn at least one thing. This is book. I'm coast to coast inside or not tell you what it's a great thing for me here in West Virginia, we get inundated with snow, but it doesn't matter as long as we have our provision. I've got five years of coast to coast pogrammes to play. There you go all you have to do. Sign up by going to our website coast to coast, AM dot com. And again, it's fifteen cents a day stem cell technology is doing.

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