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That's what his junior college coach told me the chain. The that was like man that like I'm super excited about it. You know, I I think apart from the injury or or the the injury Scituate. With his foot in obviously, the weight thing is an issue. But like to me, I just get really I think he has the chance via star. So something he told me that was not in my story. That's actually worth mentioning when it comes to the injury. He has extremely high testosterone level it's normally high and it's much much higher than in Tonio bronzes and that plays into healing time. Oh, interesting. Yeah. So they did blood work when he was working with Antonio part of the entire process, and he said that he had an abnormally high testosterone camp and that plays into recovery time. I did see I saw someone apologies camera. Who was but they said some team is one hundred percent confident that he's going to get back to his pre injury speed. So that kinda like assuage, my my fears a little bit too. There is a team in the top five that told him that we would like you to be on our team before the day is over. That's all I will say we're gonna come back to this. Because we have another question. I think and we'll we'll revisit that. So let's talk about AJ Brown before we move onto our next question because I think the the to the wood set marquees Brown of art, and what sets AJ Brown apart. I think are two specific things that are different than the rest of these guys. I think that this class is the struggles with separation, and that's where Hollywood is different than all of these guys. That's what he does. And I think that's why he's a unique element of this draft brand. The other thing is floor. I think a lot of these guys have very low floors, even if you like keen bowler. I think it could be a disaster. I think the same school for Nicule, Harry, I think AJ Brown has the highest floor of any receiver in the draft. I think at the very least he'll be productive useful player in the NFL. And I think that's why him in Hollywood smear the first round considerations. This is exactly my that was exactly kind of my thought process. Like if you go go down the list de que Metcalf Hickey Butler. Nicole Harry Kelvin Harmon JJ or Sega Whiteside. Those guys are all sort of in the conversation as some of the top receivers in this class. Obviously, everyone has a different list. But all of those guys are big physical. And I think if you look at any one of those scouting reports can say like oh could struggle separating at the next level. So yeah, I mean, I think like you said that that gives them that sort of floor that a lot of these guys don't have the higher floor. I should say. And so yeah, the in and I think because it's such a deep class a receiver. I think some teams may be willing to wait until the second round to kinda like we find that guy. I will say I think idiot Brown is the perfect patriots receiver. Oh, yeah. I mean, he he would be awesome. That offense so much yak. We could put them in the slot. If you wanna put out outside flexibility. I just think that he fits exactly what they want. Do. You wanna do you wanna preview of my final mock draft who I do? The Packers at thirty. Now..

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