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We came on an executed we know what they want to do we know we had our had a chance to so that we the best team in the nation am I got stepped out man everybody plays a great great football today we have people rushing attack to ring up your coverage we have people doing everything over there was Josh Mattel's right after the ballgame attend three Michigan when the telecom up with an interception liver hill came up with an interception and this man Amory Thomas came up with an interception Nate Stanley I was quarterback didn't have a single one of his first four games he leaves an Arbor with three to his resume and Avery Thomas's with Doug cars in the Michigan lockerroom Doug. I am very does this defense of performances go where does that rank I worked ring I when are like the best defense point performance on scene since I've been here we have a four turnovers the intersection is coming in I worked QB didn't have intersection we had an interception forced fumble fumble recovery it was it was a pretty good game for us they got the ball twice in the fourth quarter once with ten minutes to go and they're driving and you get back to back sacks one from Jordan Blasko the next game cama grown shot out of a cannon yeah I mean a kid gets the quarterback so fast I need it I was a big time play about camera we all know can pretty fast and you may place we we expect that from music he's a great player then they had the the nother dry they get deep in your territory holding holding at that point you guys had about six sacks obviously their offense of wine was struggling but a lot of had to do with you guys in the secondary because Nate Stanley are known to throw to yeah that's one thing we say we say we golf forced him to pass the book because I we made sure like there was a run a ball on this because brown he had a great game plan today and we US by the back seven we just know we had that I come ready last drive they get the ball in the first two plays they throw right at you hello what do you what were you thinking on those two places I'm already thinking like twelve this is pretty consistent receiver and I we noticed like that QB like to go to my side of fear the right side and I knew I had to a lock in yeah ninety we wasn't because the book like I was pretty confident they had given up four sacks all season long coming into this game you guys had eight in the secondary did you feel like you other guys blanket all day because it looked like a lot of times eventually the pocket broke down that there were a lot of coverage and exactly that does exactly what it was like we do our job now back in in the front seven they take care of business about time he breaking about is rose to set so me we were together what about your interception take us through that. yeah I seen decks I had to flick the ball and I seem to go open air I just dove for those big play we need to. obviously then the final play they're looking at a third and forever Khaliq gets in there their quarterback actually through wrong handed to get the pass off the what did you see from there I just seen I hello his just by going to the ball we knew we had to like stop of a solid is I and in this defense we run Nestle although was about one final thing Oliver Martin played for them today former Wolverine did you come across on the field at all actually own. when a gun a razor who resigned I believe I wonder first times they try to face him against me and what happened no. and of course next week you play Brandon Peters it's gonna be weird to be facing old teammates it is a brand is a great guy side to go again so hopefully we get that when a key role every time I think your time thank you. back to you all right Doug thank you very much thanks Amory for joining us will flip to the offense of side when we come back she Patterson joins Doug cars that's coming up next Michigan holds off I would tend to three you're.

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