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Welcome to the magic. Mountain site show the kevin long show production of southgate media group. You can find us at w._w._w. W. w. dot south gay media group. Dot music is titled by kevin mccullough of in cobb utech. Dot com broke free. As long as you give. This episode of magic monday is brought to you by tweak audio dot talk to you know podcast and totally awesome headphones thirty percent off and free shipping head over tweaked audio dot com and in the checkout box type south or you get there through arlington south media group dot com episode is also brought to you by where you can find us at support us by typing in the search bar dog kevin launch. I'm sure oh aw right. It's that league in time for magic monday and it's me your host kevin from the kevin long show today we are going to once again. Turn to the first volume of the encyclopedia of magic turn to page two forty four and we're gonna read about the red kendall. The victim is affected by a love potion duration wedneday for each turn of burning. There is no saving throw a no chance of the love potion effects wearing off before the full duration. Oh oh man this could mess with some people and i might just start using it in every adventure. No i wouldn't do that because that would be. You dumb but i don't know a few places i could use it. It would work rate so for me myself and i- mahalo follow have a great day. Thank you for listening to magic you can find us at w. W. dot southgate media dot com. You can find a long show on faceless just by searching to kevin or you can email us at kevin long showed at dot com.

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