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Deadline that it was colorado in vegas that we're both going back and forth on deals carlson that would have included bobby ryan like both those guys thought they were gonna like is you have to take ryan more or less time you did right now now they're working you know there's been sin both both scenarios within without bobby ryan which which is really too bad because i mean he's a good friend of mine love him i mean he's a personal friend we talk a lot i think that you know he's one of those that like him and carry price are going to be the next roberta longos my contract socks right because i think both those guys are gonna wanna get out of where they are sure so well how about the or the kings who do you like what was the deal for patch ready like i don't know i believe it included jake muhsin but i think and i but minder standing was is that the stumbling block was is that they they said to patch ready and his representatives here's we want here's the extension offer that we're going to give you we need you to sign we need you to decide in x men hours and he said no no why does he want to go to florida so bad patrick i mean i hear he's got a real wanna say that word a real affinity yeah that would be much better worth than what i wanna say that's why you get paid is is the look at that team i mean look that team had more wins than the flyers last year if they could if they could have lost regular in overtime as opposed to regulation a few more times they would have been in the playoffs so i think you look at florida's a team that hey they've got a lot of you know they could make a run they've got the only it's just to me they've got all the components except again goaltending i'm not sold on roberto luongo now hopefully he's healthy but i'm not sure if whether it's longoria rhymer that they've got the goalie that can do it but you know i think he likes where that organization is going and dale talent i think does a really good job and so at running things and so i think that that's that may be part of it but i also think it max wants i think max wants to stay in montreal more than montreal wants max to stay right it's got a good american captain in that yeah i think he'd be better off not being the captain like i just don't think that's his dna was figuring problems the guy that could be the captain is out for another six months shea weber yeah like wow what a kick in the groin that is.

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