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Invisible opportunity. I think they did man. I think we're seeing. I think we're seeing steph curry on east. I didn't think. I think this kid is scary. He's really really. He has everything he needs. He's got a roller. He's got a shot blocker in two in collins right cappella. You have their super-efficient right the top five in the league as far as this right from points a player with You got tray and cappella and trey and collins I mean it's like over a hundred and something points combined with the both. I mean as far as it says it's crazy so you you think of hundred combined but the to like i would you have that you have these deadly shooters on the wings and this kicking you go. He can shoot for forty and he gets inside the lane. I don't see how phillies going to. He reminds me course steph curry but when you write you can't touch him. Because he's so savvy with the ball that if you try to physicality ben simmons or danny green. They're gonna call a foul so it let them roam freely and then he's. He's such a great shooter. I don't i don't know what i'd do. You trap them if you travel in. They swing swing swing. Read this kid back. I mean it's just it's too much i just don't i don't see how they get out of that trump. He he doesn't remind me of steph. He makes shots in the last ten up. Katito boldly bad thanks. It's you know. I talked to nancy. I heard you need a big. What's up baby. Know what time it is shaped casino always shape. You always ensure you're going to be in shape your under eye man appreciate it. Thanks so much i can. The nets beat the bucks without james harden. That's really the question. The tip off in brooklyn. We'll get to that nexus. Ti couple were ryan. Holland's impresario right here on fox. Sports radio fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows it fox sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen live. 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Your career with courses for management concepts get a catalog at management concept's dot com or call. Eight three three five eighty four sixty six. It's a magic city. Monday here on the odd couple fox. Sports radio rob parker and ryan hollins in for chris. Bussard were coming to. You live from the fox. Sports radio studios omar. Oh i was talking about the footballs. He was thrown in that game believable. Hey ryan okay the nets and bucks game to no hard and can they win this ryan without james harden if he has to sit out this whole series or not they can. I think that they showed that In game one ultimately like like casino. Said i agree with you. Gotta put some respect on blake. Griffin's name because that's a that's a that's another guy. He played great ryan diving for loose balls Fighting position doing everything dogs three pointers. He was a it was a maniac out there. He was great. And i play with blake before and one thing. That's very underrated about blake is his iq. He's a true student in a game at times. Bg was almost too smart. I used to tell them. Bg just go play basketball. You have excellent instincts. But his ability to play make any knock down a few three pointers which really opened up. The defence barat would impress me most and i think a lot of people took this for granted. He's not a shot blocker but blake is incredibly strong and he just held his ground against jaanus on a few plays into me that keeps him in the ball game. The nets have the ability to go straw. Go small excuse me but him able to guard young. It's at the rim. Was it it absolutely impressive. And keep him from getting downhill but rob. I'm to ask you this. Kevin durant was garden brook lopez. How much of a problem cannot be milwaukee. They don't take advantage of that. Matchup bio pairs on the block or the bucks done. Well it'll be interesting because obviously they shot a lot. What were they six thirty or whatever and obviously they're gonna shoot better than that but durant and kyrie shoe great from three to five fifteen or something or somewhere around there but anyway my point is yeah. That's gonna be interesting to see what they adjust to try to just go in and and and take advantage of that too high. You know what i mean. And the they're put in again. I always look at it too. Is you know you don't need like three is a luxury when you have hard. And i'm must saying that they don't need them life a lot easier but you notice ryan to study in the nba. You can win a championship you can. You can win with two guys. Now you're right about that and you know it's funny. All year long was what was the narrative. They've only played seven games together. How they gonna look. We'll the irony is the regular season was plagued with injury and the postseason has been plagued with injury. Miss some time. Lebron had been hobbled. Anthony davis was out. You know. hopefully we don't have any other injuries. But the irony is and like i said that gift rather than a curse curses brooklyn was used to play without one of their big three. All you know what one hundred percent and that helped to reserves the other players all year joel guys and.

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