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Smackdown live we have big cass titus worldwide the bar jeff hardy no way jose seth rollins oscar bailey mandy rose all on smackdown it's like they couldn't do any better then page goes actually shane we could do better and this point shane mcmahon confused all of these decisions the eight one two one two three four five six seven eight nine the nine names that i just read off page and shane mcmahon took care of that together apparently page when out of her way to get another saini that she didn't talk to shane mcmahon about at all and page said i thought there was another addition that needed to be made to the superstar shakeup to really bring smack down to where it needs to be shane mcmahon is is looking at her confused doing that confusion mcmahon face almost like all right i'm ready to see where you're going but i'm not really happy with you because you really supposed to run this stuff by me and what is page do somebody's asking berta del rio certainly not alburto del rio that's insane and chris if it's nncholas i quit no no page does not bring nncholas out nncholas gone although it should be in the wwe alumni section page introduces the newest signee zoo what multiple signees to smackdown live page has singlehandedly signed kevin owens sammy's aim he goes what page goes behind shane's back to sign kevin owens and sammy's aing back to smackdown live so all this tension that we thought existed between daniel bryan and shane mcmahon even though it was just emotions and it wasn't real now it really exists because after all that page page is all about making money for smackdown page is going to tell shane mcmahon that she's there to make money she's looking at ticket sales she's looking at t shirt sales she's looking at action figure sales she's looking at tv ratings she's saying that smackdown is successful when kevin owens and sammy's zane are here she doesn't care what he did to shane or what they did to shane she doesn't care what they did evince she doesn't care what they did to daniel bryan she's the general manager of smackdown and what they did to smackdown was they improved it so page welcomes back.

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