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Update, is Justin shackle Sports flash Fight play being suspended yesterday due to rain history was already made it the. PGA championship Gary woodland said a thirty six hole. Scoring record he added a second around sixty. Six yesterday he's at one thirty through. Two rounds the lowest end tournament history through. Two, rounds again play. Suspended yesterday it's been picked at backup at. Second round play tries to get. Completed here woodland is in the clubhouse with the lead at ten under here's a one-shot lead. Over Kevin Kisner Brooks kept to back at eight under. Dustin Johnson Charles Schwartz will also in the clubhouse three back at seven hundred Jordan Spieth is at three under as is. Tiger Woods he is completing his second round right now so far he's through thirteen holes on. The diamond the Boston Red Sox at Tralee Orioles Eighty-three after three innings, of play and they went on to beat Baltimore nineteen. To twelve the SOX had nine extra base hits as. A team, Mookie Betts finished with three hits JD Martinez knocked pair of RBI's to his total to one hundred and one on. The season Red Sox are now any two and thirty five on, the year and they're leaving the. Backup tonight After Ronald who's monitor the Rangers tortured the Yankees in the Bronx. Cousy is swaying there's a long drive to right center field that, was way back and that is History Over the bullpen into the party. There that's a tape measure shot for rental goose. Mine his second of the ball game and the Rangers lead at six to one Eric nee dealt with the call on the Rangers radio. Network Monty went on to hit three jacks on the. Night he is the first rookie to ever hit three home runs against New, York Texas beat the, Yankees twelve to seven Mariners topped the Astros five to two angels edge the as, four three White Sox. Point the Indians, one nothing racial. Out the Blue Jays seven zip cardinals over the. Royals. Seven nothing Phillies getting slugger Justin bore from the, Marlins but they were shut down by the Padres in San Diego to. Nothing Andrew mccutchen going off his former, team the giants get past the pirates at, home thirteen to ten Rockies held off the dodgers five to, four Jason Heyward headed to run, single the cubs nip the. Nationals three to read the d, backs, three nothing. Braves. Crust the brewers tend to one NFL preseason jets beat the falcon seventeen zip Sam darnold looking good in his pro debut thirteen of eighteen passing with Touchdown raiders out the line sixteen ten I'm Justin shackled I'm.

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