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Five there is that high wind warning taking effect a pretty soon here, and that's going to affect the high profile vehicles like semis, and so forth. So it'd be careful where, you know, south rose, especially that wind is going to affect them the most, and it's pretty difficult situation to navigate through those wins. Give them some extra room. Traffic and weather together. On the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty five point nine FM. WBZ AccuWeather a high wind warning in effect until six PM Sunday becoming very windy early this morning with rain showers changing to snow showers, low thirty three much colder later on today with high winds gusting to sixty miles per hour, which will lead to tree in power lines damage cloudy with a few snow showers early. Then clouds will break for some sunshine this afternoon. Temperatures falling into the twenties. Accurate temperatures into the teens. Strong winds subsiding tonight, very cold mainly clear. Low seven mostly cloudy, Monday, high near twenty but of snow or flurries Tuesday afternoon, high twenty four I'm AccuWeather meteorologist, Carl Ericson, Chicago's weather station. News Radio seven eighty five point nine FM already. Getting some reports have some of those high winds of about at least thirty miles per hour right now in the Oglesby is held county bureau county. So again, very windy. We are expecting those wind gusts to reach up to sixty miles per hour. And that high wind warning will last from three. This warning until six tonight right now, forty seven at the lakefront forty four admit away. A rainy fifty at O'Hare it's forty-three in buffalo grove, and we've got rain and forty two in Batavia winds from the southwest and nine miles per hour right now, but that's all going to change WBZ news time to forty one..

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