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Camera locations above your car. And if you want to tell us about your commute, we're listening KCBS traffic sputter with a call two four one five. Five three nine one KCBS anytime four one five three nine one five two two seven. That's why we're the traffic leader six nine AM seven forty KCBS. Or the time now is three forty hour. News watch continues interior secretary Ryan Zinke toured wildfire damage again yesterday. So that fire recovery cost likely will be in the billions Zinke said that he is astonished by the devastation caused by the campfire and suggested donating timber from the plumas national forest nearby to rebuild the city of paradise. Welcome home. KCBS? Tim Ryan reports from Menlo Park where first responders are now back home from the battle in Butte. Menlo park. Fire battalion chief Tom Calvert says it was an assignment like no other. It's incredible. It's widespread. Everywhere you go up there. And you look everything's burned down, you know, it's just a very surreal environment to work in first responders from here in the bay firefighters and police wish they could have remained on scene until every last name could be removed from the missing persons list. But he says that's unrealistic definitely a very difficult task for the for the responders both physically, but also, mentally it's not lost on us that these are people's homes, and it's people's lives. He says crews will rest, but also we'll be ready to respond. The next time there needed in Menlo Park. Tim Ryan KCBS. The head coach of the forty Niners defends the team's decision to release Reuben foster after he was arrested again on charges of domestic violence. KCBS is making goals. We reports from Levi's stadium in Santa Clara. It's the second time this year that the forty Niners linebacker has been arrested on domestic violence accusation. This tape was released by the Tampa police department. Forty niners. Coach Kyle Shanahan says the team opted to stick with him after the February arrest and tried to make sure he had the help he needed. But this time, I don't know exactly what happened between Ruben and the accuser. But after this happened a second time with the same person in our hotel. I think that decision making was enough for us to move on. Meaning he says that if he's guilty or innocent foster new he'd be off the team if there was ever another allegation to go through that with someone and to almost to bring the bad light that he brought on our organization on himself to do all that. And then put yourself in that situation again, that's someone that's very hard to trust their decision making at Levi stadium. Megan gold, speak KCBS, former Niner and raider Alden Smith pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors for a domestic violence case earlier this year. Prosecutors say that he was sentenced to three years probation. And ninety days in jail that can be served in a residential treatment center. He also will have to attend fifty two weeks of domestic violence counseling and twenty five hours of community service. The raiders released Alden Smith in the days after his initial arrest. He had played for the forty Niners starting in twenty eleven but the team released him in August of two thousand fifteen following arrests for DUI hit and run in Santa Clara. And the coast guard is investigating the collision of Golden Gate ferry boat at San Francisco's ferry building last Friday KCBS Jeffrey Schaub reports that the Golden Gate ferry fleet may still be able to meet the commuting demand. The collision was caught on cell phone video.

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