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Please help me welcome. Mr. Jeffrey Weissman, Jeffrey. Welcome to the show. How are you man? Thanks for having me on Aubrey. I'm doing okay all things considered. Yeah, you know, I know there's a lot of things going on in the world, especially your part of the world, you know. Yeah, we're we're currently on fire about twenty miles Northeast of this out-of-control wine country fire and and we're like I mentioned earlier before we went live you could cut the air with a knife today. It's it's pretty hard. It's even hard to breathe inside my so forgive me if I'm coughing or no. No, no, that's fine. Okay, that's quite. All right. I mean, I I I hear these stories and then of course, I I hear stories of just families who are displaced from flooding in the Gulf Georgia from Hurricane, Sally and and a couple others over the past few months and man. It's just Mother Nature, you know, it's repeating itself. That's our third year in a row that we've had these horrific fires up here at the start of it three years ago many years. Fires 15 different fires started simultaneously on a very evil wind that came in late one night and that fire burned an entire Community Law Centre Rosa north of me going east into the wine country Foothills. It looked like a bomb bombed war zone. I think it's just we saw trucks that were melted. It was it was pretty insane. So then we had it again last year in Lake County more seriously than anywhere else, but then now it's back in in National counties,.

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