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Didn't really do much here and I think he's kind of washed up and it really does seem like this trade was indeed all about money now red Sox fans wait to see what happens next and how it will impact the coming season which is right around the corner and traffic is next together Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three WBZ traffic time three forty three when it starts off with the town where snow was falling west of Framingham slowing things down the pike route two and ninety one four ninety five also slow from Mansfield tomorrow you're at a crawl on one ninety and two ninety south of the city or reducing speed for icy rain on the expressway one twenty eight slows for icy road conditions from Needham all the way to the split twenty four north watch for three car crash in as a lame blocked by Harrison Boulevard twenty four is moving slowly in both directions ninety five well under the speed limit can't into Attleboro three still moving reasonably well for ninety five stalls for rain and snow between Franklin in Mansfield up north for ninety five under the speed limit little ten up to Lawrence one twenty eight also has issued from root to all the way up to route one through three moving slowly tangs burner Burlington ninety three between Methuen and Stoneham and route one slick roads and visibility issue from revere all the way to one twenty eight downtown it's icy rain slick roads on ninety three from say come up into Medford there are drive soldiers field road the Tobin bridge are not terrible airport tunnels are fine what roads also causing problems on the pike you just reducing speed nothing major this report sponsored by compassion international it's easy to change the world that you think sponsor.

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