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The pasty's then rolling did o and would you from the insects extracted and bhutto vein a beacon to some fought plates over here eat it out and various chemicals added to it to make it a boot oil the idea caught the attention of a bigname us investor needs to remain on named for now we are so excited with this improvement because this will allow us to finish our pilot gear to see if this could be a workable business and also it's make us way more is your to act or get access to market so now they're setting up a factory in bali next year to see if they can make the idea economically viable one of the products they have made from the insect oil is module region before i left i tried it on a piece of bread it's creamy and delicious and you would have no idea that you're eating insects rebecca hentsch to that so what did on judges think polling russell was on the panel she's a food historian and a curator at the british library in london i think they've potentially got a problem to overcome which is that many people are turned off by the idea of eating insects will of course about two point one billion people on the planet do we insects but i think easing insects in oil form in that process form might allow them to get around vat squeamishness a lot of people have and potentially solve some pretty important problems i wien insects in that role phone so i've eaten crickets and meal worms fried and i have to get over squeamishness i've done that but actually easing in an oil form i think it would be sort of hidden it wouldn't that will not be a problem may i didn't intrinsically that was and thing worse about eating a meal one than eating a cow poly russell uh second shortlisted organization could also face the problem of consumers squeamishness.

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