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This is CBS news on the hour. Real news real reporting on Tom or the president who wants promised to release his tax returns. Now fighting to keep that from happening. Even as a congressional committee prepares to do battle for them. The administration is telling the House Ways and means committee. No, it will not turn over President Trump's tax returns in a letter two ways, and means committee chairman Richard Neal Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says the request lacks the required legitimate legislative purpose political analyst Larry Sabato, says get ready for lengthy fight going to be long drawn out battle that will be waged mainly in the courts, but also in the political realm. Democrats could go to court they could also try to subpoena the IRS for the returns. Steve futterman. CBS news, I'll apart from this impending fight between the house and the White House. Congressional Democrats are also moving closer to side. Attorney general William bar for contempt of congress over his failure to give them on redacted version of Mullah report CBS news has obtained findings of a new study into the misuse and theft of opioids by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers here CBS zero Barnette, a new report out on Tuesday released by data from protests finds that this so-called opioid diversion is a growing problem in two thousand eighteen more than forty seven million doses of legally prescribed opioids was stolen an increase of one hundred twenty six percent from the year before and sixty seven percent of the time doctors, and nurses are responsible disqualified or original version winner of the Kentucky Derby remains just that this qualified Kentucky racing commission rejecting an appeal by the owners of maximum security. Pat Ford is a sports columnist for young who sports want to try to follow lawsuit. Take this into the legal round that that might be there there. Only avenue left, but in terms of battling this through the horse racing system. That's that's a dead added with lawyers apparently maximum security will not run in the second leg of the triple crown the Preakness owner Gary west saying without a shot at triple crown. There's really no need to run a horse back in two weeks. Britain's Royal family has grown by one baby son born to US born Megan Markle and her husband Prince, Harry every for the parent. We'd ever say you, you'll babies absolutely amazing. But this little thing is is is season full of sun just over the moon. Dr imaginary astronaut baby so far not named Asian financial markets after tanking yesterday. The Chinese ones have been higher tonight. Tokyo.

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