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Caravan of cars near whitefish bay another group marching from Brooke field to live on the coast of police department along North Avenue the Wisconsin legislature is black caucus wants to see change and I got it in a letter to governor humors the clock is asking him to call a special legislative session to take up criminal justice measures of what changed police policy the journal Sentinel's volley back says the caucus wants legislation that'll hold law enforcement in prosecuting attorneys responsible for their actions regarding any police misconduct it is a day of mourning in Houston is George Floyd is eulogized he'll be laid to rest outside of his home town his death at the hands of Minneapolis police spotting those nationwide protests and calls for change at police departments Republican representative Jim Steineke he tells WTMJ defunding police department is not the answer talking about increasing investment into training you know that's something I think can be take a look at or adding additional resources for more mental health professionals who work with the police I think that's reasonable meanwhile state senator rob works wants Wisconsin to pay for body cameras for all county and municipal law enforcement I think it's good for a police officer and for the person involved in the incident WTMJ news and the positive percentage of called in nineteen cases in the badger state falling below two percent for the first time in months as Milwaukee county pushes to reopen there is new guidance being issued I'll be implementing a universal facemask policy at all county facilities does not include the airport or buses though it is strongly encouraged and changes are coming to state campgrounds which will open up again starting tomorrow restrictions again in place to ensure social distancing our secretary pressing calls as that includes reserving sites before you arrive other facilities like towers shelters and playgrounds will remain closed sports traffic and weather are next level the TMJ news time coming up on eight ten amazed at the generosity of our donors monetary and physical donations that help to reopen our stores and help that helps so many families that really have needed it during a difficult time in.

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