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I was thinking, I should have shipped earlier. But thankfully, we didn't work Saturday and then I was hoping to work Sunday morning. I looked at a forecast, and it had rain again. And I was like, if you missed this work, we're in trouble. And thankfully golfer and step, I call the Mike Lake, though, and I asked him for permission if he could work. And he says, yeah, he loves the idea. The fans will get to see it. And they accommodated us. The track crew did a great job, and we got to work in they worked out well because the next day, it rained at Gulfstream. I couldn't work any horse, so it was a big, it was an important fact. Hopefully it's important for us within the Derby. Those sirens you're hearing in the background are the sirens that go off during training if a horse gets loose on the racetrack and this is where the outriders come into play and really earn their money in Churchill downs as some of the best outriders in the game. So we'll keep an eye on that. This is always a situation which, you know, you just rely on those outriders to do their job and they're, again, fantastic here at Churchill and hopefully they'll go ahead and rectify that situation out there shortly. But those are the sirens you're hearing in the background. Saf, there are a lot of people when they flip through the Derby program. They're going to see names like Todd pletcher and Steve asthma and they're going to be very familiar with those names. They're not going to know safi Joseph junior all that well. Although that's changing the past few years, you have really emerged on the national scene. For you, this is a family operation. Your dad works closely with you. You're very close with your entire family. And that's really important to you. Let people know about safi Joseph junior and your operation. Yeah, I think racing in general, that's what it creates. It creates family bond and it creates memories with friends and there's highs and as low as just like a family there's housing your family is losing your family and the heights you got stronger and it loads you, you get stronger by building the character and that's what makes it truly special to be in the horse race and industry. You talk about those guys they're Hall of Famers and to just be competing against them. It means a lot. I grew up watching them watching all of them and always look at them to try to learn ideas. Now we're competing against them. We want to beat them. You're very emotional person. You were very emotional after the Florida Derby. As you were being interviewed, I think it was on TV G put yourself there. He crosses the finish line first in The Kentucky Derby. What's that moment going to be like for you and your family? I don't know. It's a moment of dream my whole life of you kind of want to keep it intact till you get there because I don't know what will happen, but it's definitely a moment I hope to experience if not necessarily soon, but I think we have a good chance of experience in it. When the Triple Crown, when you were 19 years old in Barbados, talk about that event. But in the triple chrome and Barbara that time, it was a big thing for us. And obviously in the world it's not a big thing to anybody else, but we had a great horse and his name was already talking to me. And I think he trained me more than I trained him. And that's what good horses do. These kind of horses that is level. I mean, most people could train them. There's not two ways to put out about it. You need the horses. I'm not saying there's not good in trainers and bad trainers, but when you get to this kind of level, these kind of horses, these are elite horses that you could select ten, 15 trainers, and they'll be just as good with any of them. It's important to get the owners and the horses. Yeah, savvy Joseph junior has been on a roll the past few years and he's one of the good guys in the sport of thoroughbred racing, saf, all the best coming up on Saturday. And go get him a way to Barry. Thank you very much. All right. And that interview, by the way, brought to you by our friends at jellyfish water..

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