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15 with rob wood fork. All right, we start with the bad news out of the wizards camp. They were blown out in the windy city one O two 82, the bulls outscored the whiz in each of the final three quarters, gapped by a 28 to 15 fourth quarter to pull away, there was no kristaps porzingis. He was out with a sore knee, Kyle Kuzma struggled his way to ten points on four of 18 shooting. He was also the biggest culprit in the team's struggles from three point range, making only 6 of 28, that is 21% for the quick math. And 16 turnovers did not help the cause either. Now, Maryland, they had a really good senior day, honored the senior as well, both during the game and with the 75 59 victory over number 21 northwestern 14 made three pointers. They shot 63% from distance and jameer young had a highlight real game 18 points. They had a dunk that was just breathtaking at a buzzer beating three before halftime to give the turps the lead. And so they are 11 and 7 in conference that ties them for second in the Big Ten with that Mark. No such luck for Georgetown. They took a beating from Providence 88 68. That is now 13 straight losses to ranked opponents that dates back to pre-pandemic January 2020. They're still struggling 7 four loss to the buffalo Sabres, Alex Ovechkin got his third goal of the season, but Darcy Kemper pulled in the second period gave up 5 goals on 19 shots, so the capitals not only outside of the playoffs looking in, but now buffalo with that victory got the two points they needed to get into that in control of that last wild card playoff spot. Rob woodwork WTO sports. And they said a note of thanks of course they didn't. Of course not, of course they did not. It's 8 17. A new watchdog report finds the Department of Veterans Affairs isn't always following protocol to hire healthcare employees with a drug felony. The drug enforcement agency requires VA medical centers to get a waiver before hiring anyone with a controlled substance related felony conviction. But the government accounting, the government accountability office, I should say, flagged 50. VA healthcare employees with drug felony convictions out of a 300 employee sample VA said it didn't request waivers for 48 of the 50 employees that GAO identified federal news network reports that the VA says it's developing a more consistent employment waiver strategy. Coming up after traffic and weather top stories we're following for you this hour analysts worry that consumer spending amid rising prices could fuel even more inflation and the debate over where COVID-19 came from is on again. Stay with WTO for more on these top stories in just minutes, 8 18. Traffic and weather on the aids back to Steve dresner in the traffic center. Back to the district on the north pound side at D.C. two 95 right near the exit for benning road dealing with the crash, which only is single lane does get by easily we're finding delays back to the Erie of Pennsylvania avenue, not affecting the flow over on the southbound side, we're good to go there. No issues in either direction on the three 95 6 95 freeway and we are traveling in sit in free over on I two 95. Maryland, southbound, BW Parkway, jammed up before the 50 split. It looks like we do have a work zone being set up possibly down a lane in that location, otherwise we're doing okay on 95 between the two beltways, capitol beltway, in good shape, no delays throughout Montgomery county and prince George's county were good to go on two 70 and on route 50 over in Virginia, quite on the bellway also in both directions, no current problems on 66 or three 95 still finding a bit of a delay northbound 95 in Virginia leaving staffer county, a better ride once you're north of acquire harbor over on the southbound side near the exit for Dale City exit one 56, there is still clearing up from an earlier incident, the currently confined to the left shoulder, but still causing a bit of a curiosity factor moving if possible, but that left shoulder does remain black travel lanes more importantly are all open. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. Storm team Thor meteorologist team principally with this forecast to get us into the work week. A good forecast if you're looking for some spring like temperatures, but we still have some showers in the forecast as we head into the start of the new week. Now through the evening into tonight, no problems, mostly clear, pleasant. We start in the 50s this evening. We will settle back through the 40s into the upper 30s in town, up for 20s in the countryside with a star filled sky. I'm your Monday, it'll turn mostly cloudy. Showers will arrive in the afternoon from west to east, temperatures topping off in the lower 50s, more showers around tomorrow night, maybe one lingering early Tuesday morning, otherwise, gradual clearing, breezy, warmer, a good-looking Tuesday, middle 60s, Wednesday is looking splendid. Sunshine spring like, how about mid 60s looking great? Now, some showers will return it looks like Wednesday night to Thursday morning. They should end on Thursday, and then remaining considerably cloudy, but mild up or 60s on your Thursday. I'm storm team four meteorologist you prince of alley. Poor bell one of the cool spot at 41° Silver Spring has 50°, 50° in foggy bottom, brought to you by new look home design right now, save 50% on all roofing materials and labors coming up by WTO. Here's how to maximize social security benefits. I'm Mark Hamrick with some thoughts on getting the most out of this important

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