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So I read a article that had other information there. So it's Laurie Laughlin kids for crew at USC. Not Felicity Huffman. So they they were designated Emma's recruits to the USC crew team, despite the fact that they did not participate in crew. Officials say they also have emails from the actress, man. This is when we first read it, I thought it was the onion that was kind of spoofing us here. Yeah. Paulie? We're just talking over. Yeah. Just so beyond random these two particular people team so weird man. But it is big business. I ran into somebody. I can't say the university. He careful you say, Dan, all I'm going to be. And I said, oh is your son gonna go to and he said, no, I can't pay two hundred thousand dollars. And I said God what is it per year? And he goes, no, no, no that's to get their attention to get my son in their two hundred thousand dollars. How about that? So somebody I know was running into that. Yeah. Mclovin. Okay. This is more of a question for you. But isn't this being the kid of a famous person specially famous couple lifelessly hospital Huffman and William H Macy enough to get you into college like colleges want that. I not all of them. I mean, like look at let's let's Bush's all got an a Yale for years because they were Bushees. Yeah. But they were president actors are the new president's in other races. But it's still I you know, what I mean if licitly Huffman ten years ago with desperate housewives Macy's a big deal to you. I know I know. But how many actors and actresses want their kids to go to USC? So it's a power ranking of who's I'm guessing on messing listeners get in the NC listeners TV actors, then my son got in, but he couldn't have gotten out of high school. But he said if I go to another university, and now believe me, nobody was getting any money from me. They got money, I pay full tuition. Yeah. To pretend a video game athlete. Get out. Yeah. E sports. And he said you don't want. I can get in if I transfer. I have a better chance to get it if I transfer and I said, good luck. And he said if I get in where you pay for it, I go. Yeah. And so he got in and one of the things that they singled out believe it or not he was an eagle scout. And for years. My wife kept saying, you know, that will come in handy one day, and he goes, no, nobody cares about that. And so he got in. And then I had to I had to pay for him to go there. But I wouldn't even know who to go to to go, by the way, my son would like to go here is he an athlete. No. But he's a good kid. Yeah poll so I might be easier to transfer to a school. You wanna get Felicity Hoffman? And Lori Laughlin could use this information about three or four years ago. I didn't even know it until my son said six months into where he went, you know, originally, he goes, you know, what I'm going to transfer. And I said, okay, he goes, I'm a transfer to USC like you're not getting in there. He said, yeah. When you transfer if I get a four, oh, I can transfer. I said while you're not getting a four zero. And and he said why? But if I do you'll pay and I go I went home, I told my wife, I said I made the best bet like Jack thinks he's getting into USC in. He said dad, you said you'd pay and I go pay for what he goes. I got into USA, and I go, are you kidding me? Yeah. For two. So you can't just call admissions. And this for the bride. Negotiate from there and hold on hold on, we'll transfer you. So they look at your kid. They look at the transcript, and they tell you what the bribe is like I owe a million for this kid. What's the difference yet? But Felicity oven only paying fifteen grand..

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