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The sound the all clear in nf somebody which indicates again back to the motive you have no idea at this point by the sounds of it what motivated to people to shoot nine i can't imagine what the motive would be uh i mean we all have in our mind whipping may have happened but when you start including children into this kind of everything out of out of the norm in you you can't come up with a reason for what would be attack what reasons shoot a two year old child idle now idol that this was a myriad of circumstances that could show what happened there were we'd all doubt they were target or if this was intended for someone else or they just happened to be there we deliver because the perpetrators escaped on foot and left little physical evidence behind witness cooperation would be incredibly important to this investigation according to police chief mark danny witnesses were helping law enforcement to the best of their ability chief mark danny coleraine rain police talking about the shooting saturday night early sunday morning in occurring township on the scotsman showed newsradio 700 wlw are you guinea cooperation from the from the victim's uh iinner you able to get a good description of the shooter's we we are getting cooperation in the victim um we have limited information about a grocer unfortunately what we're starting to see again we kinda thought this might happen when you again when you start including schoolchildren in your drift mko people who normally doc washburn the police began cooperating you you cross the line the for people that maybe wouldn't cooperate niigata's information we are starting to get some information people now that it was given a from a good lead the individuals it to speak out are they outside of that house outside of that room on saturday night or does that include the people inside.

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