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However with his truck curries are movie be an easier with movie news we are listening to music from glory which i wanna think is a could fat is a civil war movie a my right it is what else do matthew broderick denzel washington kamoga freeman it's it's tinsel washington birthday today doug sixty three years old one of the great i think one of the best actors in the business easily agreed i absolutely he's he won two oscars this is this for us i oscar glory best supporting actor and then he won the oscar for best actor for training day playing a role exhaust nasty guy very bad so does his portrayal of easy kyodo israel or whatever the character's name is in this movie about a lawyer who is challenged does he get hit that didn't do so well at the box office i don't think but i didn't hear the only person that tore it i thought well you know i'm a big movie fan i love going on alex perry it's all kinds of movies i just think it's a great form of entertainment and escape for me plus i like to keep up with some of the actors and actresses that i think are really fabulous and deserve to be uh touted for their work slaughter work during this stuff yeah the i can't be any of it if it off of the i didn't see it i don't know but there is a kabbah's on it before but to eat oil of acted i think like almost like meryl streep only almost anything he does is worthy of uh i read ignition one of my oughta go freight i whenever there is a uh there are certain people like it was always gene hackman any movie use i.

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