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Houston your family putting consult I want to tell you how disappointed I was in the Astros and also mentioned I happen to be the nephew of the original astronaut Alan Shepard who went to the moon is a golf ball okay well you're disappointed in the Astros because of the the the the cheating scandal it's it's a talk our will very disappointed I'm somewhat mollified by the fact that they did it last year but it's it's just terrible it's been about a week and I just read your website that the audience network is going to leave my A. T. and T. so that's making this another badly well David I appreciate the call right there and you were referring to audience network I guess changing its scope by the end of February and in terms of our show we will be letting you know we're out where to find us on the dial and you know is it wrong that when he said they this is you're putting expert and then he sends I'm really disappointed in and I felt really yeah I really was Astros this is wrong I was relieved that more disappointed in the cheating scandal your name's on the mark I was like wow please tell me that made the judgment yeah we're back with more of your phone calls is set up the rest of our fun week right here on the rich Eisen show there's a range I sports.

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