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In in these people's free health clinics as well as I mean. They were not the only ones with these. But but I think you have to to draw some parallels there. As just a kind of an ending to the story and I I think that again. This is one of those areas where. I remember one time my grandfather gave me a book called lies. My teachers told me. And, I thought it was a very daring book for my grandfather to give me when I was young. and it was based on the idea that the history. You think you now is not the the truth. There are lots of things that have been filtered especially in this case through the lens of white supremacy, and taught to you as if it is the only truth, and you don't know the whole story, and I think that in that spirit learning more about the Black Panthers Organization was part of what I wanted to do. To do the show the film that I watched in addition to reading, was the Black Panthers Vanguard of the revolution. which if you're interested in learning more about the Black Panther, party I would highly recommend you watch this documentary. There are lots of interviews from some of the key players in the party at the time. to to kind of give you a better understanding of. Not just the organization is an abstract, but the the people who were in it and what they did, and what they were able to accomplish and what their goals were More on an individual personal level I I really highly recommend it. the as the panthers grew and expanded their goals as they were achieving all of these things that. The government was failing to achieve on community levels They got more support from the public at large They began to work with other liberation movements. They began there were international chapters. They spoke out against the Vietnam War It initially was very male movement. It was a very kind of macho, typically male thing, but at its peak, the majority of members would be email, and so even though that was still a struggle at the time there were there were definitely the beginnings of Women's Liberation Within this movement as well females taking some of the more. What you would consider like masculine roles, carrying guns, guarding the Party and men, taking over some more traditionally female roles, feminine roles of like Cooking Breakfast for kids for you definitely saw those beginnings. what would the what would eventually be lead to kind of the fall of the party? in part was largely due to FBI interference J., Edgar Hoover and then eventually Nixon they used something called. They use a counterintelligence program that was called coin. Tell pro and This is something that any of our listeners of color probably already know all about but I. Bet a lot of our white listeners do not know much about and I obviously. Fairly will I in what that is, but I would love a recap for the listeners. So, this counterintelligence program were was basically made up of F.. B. I. Agents Finding ways to dismantle the Black Panther party from the inside because they saw them not necessarily as a violent threat, although they may have said that that it was really a threat to the status quo and a white power. It was a it, they they their ideas were garnering widespread support, and they didn't like that, and so they found a number of ways to vilify the black..

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