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Foreigners drivers again and it was just just an amazing surprise it was so sweden and natural and very romantic he got on one knee calls it an instant yes yes this matter of fact i could barely let you finish proposing as it can i say 'us that should let me furthers their courtship far longer and more conventional that his famous parents who met just thirteen times before prince charles popped the question but make no mistake this marriage signals a shift for england's church and for at sovereign harry is marrying an american divorced actress who is three years older than he is is there still a rebellious streak to harry i don't know you tell me this week there was nothing but well wishes for the happy couple put him in absolutely troves at such at vitalijs threeplusthree offered registered at work for it offers start europa for are the most there is of course one note dip congratulations that will always be missing or to thank him mother would have thought of a insurance over the moon jumping up known nor sirte sides has vote for me but then as in britain story than best friends as friends and our concern arts ernst it is days like dessert today when liberty miss having her around in the spanish of the happy use but i'm sure she's uh she's lift resources with us for nightline i'm elizabeth vargas.

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