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Winfield newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. radar shows scattered rain throughout the tri state it's fifty one degrees the hearing in lawful continues today as the Kentucky judicial commission decides if Kenton county judge don gentry will be suspended or not she's accused of misconduct including allegedly retaliating against those who refuse to donate to her campaign she has denied all the claims against her learning about the dismissal of Cincinnati police officers new details out today to Cincinnati cop's both let go from the department and both were paid thousands of dollars for work they didn't do surgical kisha gross was a supervisor and a veteran with C. P. D. she was like oh December nineteenth after an investigation discover she been absent from duty without permission for over five weeks worth of work costing the city about eighty seven hundred dollars an officer Darren sellers was a polygraph examiner he retired in October after they discovered he been absent without permission for about sixty two hours at a cost of about twenty one hundred dollars to the city a supervisor was reprimanded for not filling out proper sick pay paperwork for sellers which allowed him to draw regular wages I sandy Collins newsradio seven hundred WLW on Wall Street right now the Dow is down one hundred seventy nine points nasdaq down forty seven the S. and P. down sixteen radio seven hundred W. L. W. sports college basketball and I didn't get you taken auditory mercy at six thirty on ESPN fifteen thirty was consummate fifth ranked Ohio state in Oakland takes on right state college basketball tomorrow you see versus two lane at three thirty right here on seven hundred WLW the NFL wild card playoff open up tomorrow night the action right here on seven hundred WLW buffalo in Houston Tennessee versus New England build Edison seven hundred WLW sports I'm Jack Crumley our next update at three thirty.

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