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So we like through really suport they suspect it's a beautiful event you guys do a terrific job thank you for coming on here thank you for having us thank you very much and now for my interview with rachel brosnahan over the course of our conversation at the offices of the hollywood reporter in los angeles the 27yearold in i discuss a wide range of topics among them how a girl who was both a musical theater performer and a member of the wrestling team while in high school wild up in new york as a student at nyu and simultaneously auditioning for professional acting jobs how for house of cards she initially audition for the part of zoe barnes which yalta midly lost to cape mara but later audition for the part of rachel posner which she won and which because of her work was expanded from just a few lines in one episode to episode spanning three seasons why she is proud of the work she did between house of cards and the marvellous mrs mazel on both seasons of the shortlived wgn america show manhattan from two thousand fourteen through one thousand fifteen but regretful of the work that she did for woody allen on the amazon limitedseries crisis in six scenes which hit the service in two thousand sixteen how someone who had never previously done comedic work welled up crafting a characterization four auditioning for an landing the starring role on the marvellous mrs mazel a job for which performing stand up is integral what she makes of the sexual misconduct reckoning that has engulfed hollywood including her former show house of cards as well as much of the rest of the world and how she thinks this climate is impacting the way people are consuming the marvellous mrs mazel plus much more so without further ado let's go to that conversation.

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