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Fifty. Motech China trade deal in doubt after the president's latest tweets and markets reacted overnight. The Shanghai composite in China dropped nearly six percent. We got off to a rough start or the Dow plunged nearly five hundred points ran out of the gate right now. We've trimmed those losses were down to two hundred forty four points here at the moment. The NASDAQ which started the day at a record high sliding ninety five points the s&p five hundred down twenty nine they president's tweets over the weekend came into Chinese allegation was due to resume talks in Washington on Wednesday. It's unclear whether those talks will go forward. Now. The president basically threatened to increase tariffs on imports from China at a time when investors were expecting trade tensions to subside. In fact, summit expected to deal this week taking a look at the price of oil. It's also moving lower now down thirty three cents at sixty one and change gold down a dollar fifty at twelve seventy nine big brokerage company. Fidelity reportedly getting into bitcoin trading world's most popular digital asset. They could be. Buying and selling bitcoin within the next couple of weeks. According to Bloomberg we check money pointing fifty each hour. The next update at eight twenty Frank Motech from the capital money desk next seventy NewsRadio legalize marijuana. How about magic mushrooms? We'll tell you about the city. That's putting that to the voters tomorrow coming up in ninety seconds at seven fifty one. So you've got this new echo gadget. It can do a lot of clever things after all they do call it. A smart speaker. Maybe the smartest thing of all is using it to listen to KNX just.

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