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It's just not connected to those things. And I wanted to be I've learned that and I think the best way of describing his. I'm seeking for a way to describe you here this afternoon as I was. I was meeting with my pastor a few years ago and And I was talking about some of the silly things that I worry about, and he kind of chuckled at me as he should have in my maturity in life. And he said, You know, winter some of the things that you're aspiring to just don't matter, And he wasn't suggesting that they don't have significance. And there's something wrong with people being accomplished. He wasn't suggesting that But he did tell me, he said, Look out my window and I looked out his window. I don't lean a little bit. I'm looking out his window and I see a dumpster. But it's a dumpster for donations. But this this Dumpster was sitting there and he said, See, that's where everybody stuff goes. In the end. So it goes in there. To see how that stuff isn't really important. You know, I thought of Mom and Dad and I thought of the transformation that they went to into focusing What's the most important but see once we know what's important. That's just one part of it. You know the when, when the person was telling what she was telling me freedom and untethered that didn't mean that she knew how to live it out. It means that she was feeling how she wanted to feel. And so once we set our sights on freedom and independent in time freedom and we're focused on what's most important to us. The next step is we have to know how to do it. We have to know how to implement It doesn't just take a good idea. It takes a profound implementation. Put those two things together and you have a life fulfilled, so I want to pivot. I want to pivot to how do we implement No, we haven't met. And I'm gonna I'm gonna tell this story. We're gonna get to the other side of the break. I know I'm running out of time in this segment, but we're gonna continue this, but I want you to think about during the break. Dave and Buster's David Buster, So I took my kids to Dave and Buster's several years ago, and if you're not familiar, it's this big arcade man for kids and adults. That's my best way of describing it. We go to Dave and Buster's, They have hundreds of games. Hundreds of games. Little overwhelming. My kids start playing games. And guess what tickets come out of the games. Just little take it to come out. I've no idea what therefore, we had no idea. They come out and Camden was playing a game like the price is right wheel and he spends this thing around and it lands on 1000 tickets. And if you've never been to David Busters Or or someplace like that. I can tell you $1000 is a lot. It's so much the sirens go off employees for David Busters. Come over there jumping up and down. Everybody celebrating. It takes a good 3 to 5 minutes for 1000 tickets to even come out of the machine. It's nuts. He had this popcorn holder like a popcorn box holder that full is overflowing. And guess what? Guess what Candid did after he won 1000 tickets. He did not leave that game. Right, and that's what we do. That's what we do is that if we find a way to accumulate tickets, and it's comfortable, and it feels good, even though there are hundreds of games available, you stick with that game, and my oldest son, Braxton did the same thing. He found three or four games where he was getting the most tickets. Right, and he started accumulating those tickets. He started accumulating those tickets. Just like anybody that started their first job starts accumulating their nest egg. They get those tickets. They get a match, maybe from the employer. They start saving into the T Spn before one. Can they start building those tickets? Maybe you're not situation and you're done building the tickets, and you want to know what it means. You want to know how you're going to confer what you've accumulated into retirement. Give my team a call. 3018500 63. We're gonna build your retirement income plan 3018500 63, But on the other side the break we're going to talk about How David Buster's in the experience, I just started describing fits with what you're going through right.

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