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Now, the news the Mets are open for Jacob degrom feelings of discomfort in his elbow placed on the injured list to come Monday for now the team's precautionary. So when did the elbow actually start bothering him today catch yesterday came off day played a little catch started feeling a little bit? You know, we're not sure exactly what it is willing to go. Check out Mickey Callaway before the game on the field. The Mets nearly wasted. A four run lead able to withstand the cardinals five four Jason bargains. Let run over four Robert and worked at a trouble eighth than Edwin seven despite allowing a pair of baserunners in the ninth Pete Alonzo, a seventh home Robertson three hits in an RBI. Wilson Ramos drove in a pair series continues today with Chris flex getting the start covers on WCBS eight eighty at one thirty offered Yankees using the long ball stadium. Joe hid in the air. Bar. Gardy party big. Two run home run. Those yards the Yankees to unle Greg guard or giving the lead for good is they handled the Royal six to John sterling with call here on the fan. See savannah, the notch the win number two forty-seven career ladder honor run over five despite not evidence. Best stuff specialist cutter was really good today. I was away. Miss a lot. But was able to make when we needed to get caught a great game. Again guy stepped up on d Mason, great place. So. From yes. Mytalk Menendez solo shot geo Gonzales will exercise that opt out clause today bombers now two days either activate them grant has released monster Tanaka against Bill Mayer today pregame on the fan at twenty-five MBA playoffs..

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