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In his lower legs. So we'll see about him moving forward on Monday and Tuesday as we with him wolf, he's got a little bit of a rib rib issue. He should be okay along with rest but Avas losing Chris for a game or even two games Hughes for defense. But hey, you know, we have to bounce back next man up, and we have to move on man. That's head coach Vance Joseph Broncos taking going on the road to take on San Francisco. This Sunday our coverage starting at eight in the morning kickoff at two five KOA NewsRadio home of the Broncos. We'll hear more from coach Joseph here coming up at about five ten most operations are returning to normal after a massive earthquake in hundreds of aftershocks jolting the Anchorage area officials. Are attributing the quick recovery to Alaskan preparedness com that exists here in Anchorage exists because as Alaska's we are always getting ready. We get ready for the winter time, we stock up we're prepared that is Anchorage mayor Ethan Berkowitz, the city's public transportation agency operating at full capacity. He also says the city is continuing to make progress. However, today's going to bring winter weather, which could possibly stall some operations and a new drug is offering hope for treating gonorrhea the World Health Organization says two thirds of the nations on earth have reported cases of the sexually transmitted disease that resist all known antibiotics how researchers are encouraged about a new drug that specifically targets antibiotic resistant gonorrhea in recent trials the drug is ninety six percent effective at killing the disease. You are up to date at this hour. It's five O six dun-rite home improvements, riding listener news. Colorado's morning news. KOA NewsRadio all the holidays family and friends incredible food a bowl game or two. But unfortunately, fathered by year end tax time, but.

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