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Radio fourteen ten wdov he's back will you now because when it comes to the fight for truth though bought never stops welcome to our three of the box actually show of her body and we have some immigration news to disgust here and much to get into first one comes courtesy of a federal judge in fact the judge that was a point of oh who was a point of some controversy because trump mentioned i believe is latino heritage or something like that us district judge gonzalo curiel judge curiel though uh trump has something of a history with this particular judge and here's the ruling in one hundred one page ruling corner fox news the judge wrote that both congress and the executive branch share responsibilities in protecting the country from terracing contraband and he ruled against an environmental challenge to president trump's border wall delivering a wind of the trump administration in a decision allows construction plans to move forward looks like the environmental challenge to the whole wall building project is not in fact not in fact uh going to be an issue whenever think of others it reminds i i think i've told you the story before but i remember being out at a at a military base for some training out west and you know one of those big desert areas that people forget or vast where we have some military basis and they were telling me about how i forget who observed who's a senior loses senior a officer on the base i forget what his rank was he he gave us this just this kind of familiarization for our time there during the training of you know hey you guys are i am by saying here's one thing you may notice and and they they talked about this highway that they were trying to upgrade i think to get to the base and they spent i don't have the figures a long time ago but the government in spending something like you know hundreds of thousands of dollars might have even been alot millions but i think was definitely the hundreds of thousands of dollars because the environmentalists and this was the desert okay in some of.

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