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All down that self study route because they looking at the Colossus in front of them and I can relate to this. The thing I was in that position and looking at thinking something's not working in here and being able to interrogate that. Seek onces. ooh. Announces. Requires asking the right question in the first place. Nothing blood anything over the last few years he's Asking the question is just some important, sometimes, very difficult as you said. We got with Flo so much because it's presented this holy goods. And we done. We hardly ever have compensation but I work in with a lot of people guiding to primary education than it'd be half the wife for inadequate one day of PA. So we try and I'm pick what is paying what we do in it full of never worked in that context where health basically specific. Hasn't been flagged up and I think very complicated relationships. To explore the relationship between me and Baixa take a is there even one but as you said, it's it's site embedded in commonsensical danger response. Figures suggests at nine if you've been. People like David Kirk even quick question the phrase obesity epidemic. I. Think John. Evans also questions that that language. But if we if we just go with accepting the Baby's something I'd I basically If such nature response. Bumba I've it's p. get the kids to run more in the in England of wells. Now, what a not so countries now but starred in Scotland actually got this thing Nicole, the daily Maya were. Given. Fifteen minutes he's meant to be delivered aesthetic I three days early. Fifty minutes in school and they they run a walk and you got to the ninety mile website. You see a head teacher who started it specifically citing the first couple of sentences unnoticed. The children were less fit and we're gaining white so I might run everyday. The evidence base. If it's presented by bus in our. Like great and maybe evidence based on the outcomes would have to be. Returning a mortgage onto physical activity to. The that as normal unhappy to poverty life as a very positive part of their life, and that's that helps them flushing their life and if if the eighty miles doing that then absolutely right I skied for it. But in American told them right beautiful paper I. Think it was last year with he really us. Dave site similar questions with on. What is the evidence spice and is it just? Archaeologically driven discourse. mean. We discussed about life skills earlier and isn't. It's IT'S A discourse that everybody recognizes that if you play sports or if you're involved in. In, Youth Sport, you will become a good a. Good person in terms of you can. Manage. Your time and you can work in teams and you have higher hard work ethic and all these things. But is it an ideology that we keep repeating it because we have been? taught to use this discourse or Do we actually know what's going on. I, mean, I've referred to Nestle Quik. Purposive study. And At the last sentence in it. Says Opportunities to compete in sports and activities build character and help to embed venues touches feminism respect. There's a very see..

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