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That the potential person of interest was Jake Edward brown who is deceased and was buried in Arizona towards police chief eve Irvine detectives examined the body they collected bone remains a company known as terra bond did the DNA and genealogy work that led to the solving this case it's not cheap to the matter is that is worth every single penny that it cost to solve this crime now the chief says work moves forward to see if their deceased suspect is connected to other cold case of scrape vigor KNX ten seventy newsradio we'd maps is under pressure from California's legal pot industry the story line from Kay and extend seventies Brian paying the Irvine based website continues to list on license pot shops that has to stop says Rubin holding with the United Canada's business association fundamentally the issue is the consumer that we're concerned about because the consumer's confused calling just calling on the status lap the site with tens of millions of dollars in fines he tells KNX we'd maps is steering customers to providers that sell product that is not lab tested and could be dangerous we're seeing right now sadly is moving into a potentially out a public health crisis with people dying right now I am getting sick from the prices that are from the dentist you products in them with things that are not like you can that are damaging consumers were waiting comment from we'd maps on the matter it says in a written statement that it's implementing a new policy were California pot businesses must enter their license number to appear on the site Karen Mike back to you thanks Brian over plans to fight a proposed California law that would force many companies to reclassify independent contractors as employees governor Newsome is expected to sign the bill into law independent contractors don't get. things like sick days minimum wage benefits employees do the law would affect many industries like nail salons tech janitorial construction of the big one they may like where the original workers civil what he does the research director at the UCLA labor center she says this law will force companies to play by the labor rules what happened with a lot of these like uber drivers.

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