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The pontiac so it can combine the african american city of pontianak with at the neighborhood in detroit and then they candy world again i got i got a follow up on uh on david psychedelic drugs the at these districts around he great around the makeup the fourteenth districts are all republican district so they pack all of the black voters in detroit into one district the fourteen and then you have five or six districts candy swirl the kind of like a willy wonka lollipop off of them and they all elect to republican so told republicans win no seats with 55 fiftysix percent of the vote brenda lawrence win the fourteenth with about eighty five percent of the vote you get five republicans in the neighboring districts and one democrat this is how a quarter of a million more people that vote for democratic us house candidates in michigan in two thousand and twelve apply right you end up with a delegation that is nine republican and by democrats and it shows the va you could take three left turn and you can go in and out of the fourteenth district four different time and you just watch how the neighborhood change when they drew these line get with i think it would surgical it would so precise they might look funny on a map at these not makers know exactly what they are doing and the intent is deadly and nullification on and this is how they hold onto power to renew why all democrats sunland i was the obvious scheme there's no levant and undercut the vote why are democrats so sorry silo so alan as representing the democrats are at i think huddling internally they're trying to figure out what they should do about this and there are an end there's a there's a big i think asian going on in democratic party after which philosophy they want to prevail do they want only economic matters and and i will be concerned apparently the color about current economic matter going to concerns of why an end white women and women of color around economic or do they wants to be more including can really work all right here it is way it is it is.

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