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Right. Karen? Thank you so much. Police or even tell them you're not gonna last in prison. So good luck. So speak now because you're going to be dead. No week horrible. Yeah. It is. But good story for us. See this is kind of a little bit disappointing actually. Yeah. We were hoping it was a family fight. This is a personal unless unless there's more to the story here, we were opened this was going to lead into a mob war would be able to talk about all kinds of stories throughout twenty nineteen. Okay. Remember, this is the legal side telling you what went on. This is the cops. They don't want you to know that there's a, you know, a gang war going on between families might be a good old fashioned war after all. Yeah. I get a feeling this kid was he might have been paid money for heard that he was unhappy. You got the Banados family, and they paid him. Here's one hundred thousand robot the boss, they'll never pay because the guy's gonna be dead. It was a running them over part that was. Wow. Anyway, homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen she dominated the swampy headlines yesterday. She said this there is no manufactured crisis at our southern border. There is a real life humanitarian and security catastrophe is always a reason why they push certain members of the administration to the forefront so immigration and border security going to be a huge topic this week probably for the rest of the week went on to talk about the rest of the system. Jen. I in this situation. Outer southern border has gone from a crisis to national emergency to a near system wide meltdown. They were talk is she when she was given that speech they talked to somebody else one of the border agents. And he said the human trafficking element has increased like ridiculously over the past like seven or eight months. Absolute said, they they these coyotes what they do is they wait for, you know, a diversion like a thousand people showing up at one of the legal entry points, so all of the attentions there, and then they come across the border in some remote remote part with other people these poor people who've paid their life savings with the hope of getting across the border. Have you noticed that the open border Democrats never talk about that? They never talk about the human trafficking aspect, ever laid. They don't care, but they'll talk about kids in cages, but I think Kirsten talked about it yesterday where she said, it's it's gotten ridiculous. It's like thousands are coming across the border every day. And these guy is they don't care about you know, the minute they get your over the border. They dumped in the middle of the desert, or whatever the hell, it is and leave you see your by. You're on your using these kids. It's horrible horrible horrible terrible. This is fascinating, though, more swampy stuff. But this may actually have an impact not for the money. They're looking for here. It's more about the statement Republican. Congressman Devin Nunes says he's suing Twitter and several users for two hundred and fifty million dollars. He's claiming it was at biased against conservatives all to influence elections. This is the first time any legislation any legalities have actually come against the social media giant. He will. He's basically saying, you know, I put up a ton of stuff was deleted or it never showed up because you know, they shut down my account. He said were an I continually watched bad fake news against from my opponent showing up about how great he was this that that he did this. And he goes I knew they rely. Right. I couldn't they wouldn't listen to me and take it down as more and more people turn away from traditional media outlets. And we know that's happening, right. Social media's more important they have to keep an eye on this good. They have to I I hope I hope it gets something done. It's kind of like that college scam. All these people now suing the colleges kids that should have gotten in bright were thought they should've gotten in. And they're gonna end up winning. I think presidents of these universities are going to go down. And I think Twitter's going to be forced to make a change. Thank you, Devin Nunez. I hope so I if nothing comes from this thing, at least it'll raise awareness about it. Right. So true. And hey, it starts.

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