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Correspondent Barry Petersen at our foreign desk. Nasa the space agency thinks it's unmanned new horizon spacecraft has now zoom past the most distant world ever studied by scientists. Here. How distant about four billion miles away. That's billions with. A B. This is CBS news. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Ziprecruiter's technology finds qualified candidates for businesses of all sizes. Try it for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash free. Hey guys can hear from the hip podcast today's growth who would win a three mile bicycle race in eleven year old girl or last year's winner of the tour de France. It all depends on the bicycle it depends on their vehicle both attends beating the pro racers going to win every time but put the race around a tricycle in the eleven year old winds every time you see it's not the driver. It's the vehicle when it comes to generating revenue. It's exactly the same. If you have a job or a small business. You are writing a traceable you can only go so fast. If you need to make up lost ground. It's not going to happen on a tricycle. No matter. How fast you pedal? It's simply not going to win the race. Why do many people with no schooling in? No advanced degree often. Become very wealthy. Simple. They choose to only ten speeds when it comes to helping people create their next revenue model both Forbes in Inc recommend income store as a can't miss when it comes to putting people on a ten speed could your household or business using additional revenue model that doesn't solely depend on you. If so you need to check out income store dot com. That's income store. Dot com. Sign of both the season on our recent weather disaster discarded Christmas trees to help when east coast beach town recover from hurricane Florence. Here's correspondent Jim Krasula, Roger elvers and his daughter, Kathleen atoms are among those piling up there discarded Christmas trees at north topsil beach, North Carolina in you know, what are we can to help the the beach. Nourishment was born and raised on these beaches here, the old trees will be tied together to form a natural sad defense to help restore dunes washed away by hurricane Florence last. Fall. The town estimates it will cost eighty five million dollars to replace the sad. Dudes, Jim chrysalis CBS news, Raleigh North Carolina, Wall Street closed out a real Downer of a year for stocks on a bit of a year and bright note still finishing twentieth. Eighteen with the worst showing in a decade. Most major indexes in Europe and Asia also ended twenty eighteen in the red on the last day of trading in two thousand eighteen the Dow was up two hundred sixty five points. Tom Foty CBS. News..

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