Nixon, President Trump, Donald Cigarettes discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


It look like it wasn't just a two million dollar book payment when that started to become a scandal herb comback destroyed campaign donor records from the nixon presidential campaign which itself was against the law even before we got all the the post watergate campaign finance reforms her comeback was was a very very very successful fundraiser in terms of the amount of money that he raised for nixon by hooker by crook after the nineteen sixty eight presidential race when nixon won the presidency for the first time the nixon campaign actually had money leftover that year more than a million and a half dollars leftover of money that they raised for that campaign but they never got around to spending and after nixon got elected nixon's personal lawyer her comeback essentially became custodian of that leftover campaign money and that leftover campaign money basically became a slush fund that the nixon white house tapped over and over again for all sorts of different watergate related shenanigans and scandals including the ones that brought nixon down it was nixon's personal lawyer who managed that leftover money it was herb combat who doled out some of that leftover money to donald cigarettes donaldson grady as somebody who nixon put on the payroll secretly using the slush fund so greedy would would spy on the democratic party and played dirty tricks on democratic candidates it was the president's personal lawyer calling back who arranged those secret payments to security from the leftover campaign funds from sixty eight.

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