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Technically Roseanne was rebooted before the Connors which means the college pop culture dollars he is a smarter than Donna in the suburb rebooted sit coms means that Karen you're not so smart for picking don today won't be going home with those movie passes but care he will be going home with a shout out here the don and Steve show as a consolation prize for hanging out with us today Karen the ears of the world are yours I would like to tell everybody in Minneapolis beautiful yeah this is the for those buildings yeah look out for them everywhere which is your favorite building care and the capella tower the idea center the the orange one which one K. all state callow show that is a nice building I Keren and I don't know how I feel about this decision because if he would have accepted fuller house for full house but would only accept Roseanne over the Connors which I said first whatever see I thought you were right thanks thanks Karen Kaghan tomorrow we'd love to hear from you replace every day in the dynasty he's against me no no that's the victim in Utah I feel like you guys it's like okay sees always can do right and again read the tiebreaker question right the tie breaker read the tiebreaker quite read the first question read the tiebreaker question I either I don't write down I don't get center are written question what are people saying on Facebook live anything I think I said rose in first anyway by the way I think a double one there is because I quit drinking thank you why was it was Roseanne and then it became a con okay that's and it was reputed rebooted for the first season as Roseanne find guys Hey man became right now we've really airliner she said when I now I want to win fair and square hole today with American oh my god state farm Equifax yeah yeah he is the one with transient and I mean can this.

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