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But it was hilarious though. When you see in her purse, the pistol and he was before the Pistilli was talking about how every every mission he gets shot. And then she shows up and I told Clarice. I said, man, don't tell me the poor guy shot. You know and sure enough the shoulder shot, you know? Yeah. And I think so. I also in my article, I talked about the troubadours and the troubadour is the what is that the sixteenth century. I don't even know what century they are, but the the minstrels that sing and they're singing about love affairs and and nightly fun things. But in the in the true depths of what they're discussing, they're talking about politics, talking about religion, they're talking about faith and society. So I think this has that level of depth to it that if you, if you tease it apart or even subconsciously you can, you can get to a core that is the true human interaction and that whole time through the whole course of the whole thing. The doctors are all trying to solve this mismatch of depression with a with a technical tech. Analogical fix through chemicals and through technology. We can fix you without even needing to sit on a couch, right? He says, you don't. You don't even need to therapy therapies fake, you know, you don't. You don't need that. You need this computer and in this in this sense, the computers, this big computer. But in our world, the computers, their little cell phone, and because we're so enamored with it, we miss out on the kids in miss out on the wife and you know, and it's and it's a little bit different. And I'm like I said, I'm guilty of all of these things. So you have your like your mindfulness on a cell. It's not even mindfulness to you. It's in your cell phone and you're just following what this little app is telling you. Exactly. Yeah. It is. It's crazy, you know? Yeah, so I appreciate that. I appreciate slowing it down. I appreciate no no twist in the end to kind of fool us. I, I appreciate the two, so I did, and I think it would have been easy to to fall into any one of these troops to fall into any one of these traps to take the money and run and just kind of like phone it in and do do something different, but not that different. And I think they really, they executed fully on this thing and it's it's a fun. Fun. Full experience. Yeah, little little graphic in violent with some of the things, but I mean that might turn some people off overall. I mean, it didn't turn me off because it was like so gratuitous. It was almost comedic it. Yeah, it was. I, I actually because I was doing one of those because I benched it so tightly I did fall asleep right before that scene happened, and I woke up in the middle of it, the which seen the one, the drill, the drill to the head of the drills of the head. I was thinking to the will. There's that scene and the other one was when his brother gets blown away with the shock, and then he, he's in the bathtub lake with his guts hanging out. Yeah, yeah, that was another nasty one. Right? And but when the drill goes to the head, I was waking up because he's because he's screaming, right? Yeah. And when you're waking up your already disoriented. A little bit. So I was like, oh, I guess I guess they need to put this down. I guess I need to stop watching this to watch it tomorrow. Yeah, it's like hostile, right? But it but it..

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