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Our basic character as americans governor jay inslee was the first of many elected officials to denounce the separation of children from their parents at the border and the detention of them in seatac they literally never had a chance to say goodbye to their children representative paul had a chance to go in in me with detainees she says one hundred sixty eight or women most of whom are separated from their children as they seek asylum and it was outrageous heartbreaking cruel inhumane should not be happening in the united states of america your office is getting all of their names to connect them with attorneys she says they come from sixteen different countries and most have been separated for more than a month we're gonna seek every way to stand up against this injustice other officials are taking action as well king county executive dow constantine is trying to stop the use of a county airport for transportation of detainees in attorney general bob ferguson's office speaking as a father of ten year old twins looking into filing a lawsuit frankly i'm not sure how attorney general sessions sleeps at night the policy like this the politicians spoke several hundred marched in rallied at the detention center hoping that somehow those inside no they're not alone hoping that they know we're here people that are actually stuck in their people driving by are gone about their day they're fine people that are in the building that are having a hard day the governor says they also believe that children from the border of being held at other facilities throughout the state mitch pittman komo news at the eighty sixth annual conference of mayors boston mayor jenny durkan inked a letter calling for the reversal of the department of homeland security zero tolerance policy twentyfive mayor signed that letter.

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