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So it's been a very stressful year, right? Will the Super Bowl ads reflect that? Okay, We're gonna talk about that live real time traffic right now with Kevin Dean. And we got some trouble here on the 56 Go into the west. Getting out towards story. Highlands actually passed Camino del sur and heading down into Pacific Islands. You're gonna see the brake lights on the left lane blocked Sigalert here. Several cars involved in an accident would have met the senator by a guard rail knocked it out into the lanes. The guardrail itself as if you've got a real line that before they can open up the roadway. Traffic backed up towards Black mountain on the westbound 56 avoided if you can. Highway 52 not running badly. If you want to use that, instead of Ted Williams that were Basin full of art of Miramar Road. No. No incidents are major slowdown supported there. If you have tourists over to the 805 good drive out of the south, a North bound five unified both running great bridge. Traffic is light, as well as the strand and one hour and 15 minutes away, nor found at the border checkpoint. This report is sponsored by Cal Hope. The California Department of Health Care Services. If you're feeling anxious, stressed, or lonely in these difficult covert times, call kill hope, but a 33317 hope that's a 33317 46 73 year. Musicale Hope Gotta work to talk to somebody who can help hope will persevere. Cargoes Next real time traffic update. 7 50. Clouds Patchy fog this morning clearing to sunny skies Coast up to 63 Today inland 70 the mountains 53 the deserts up to 76 Right now downtown. It looks like we are mostly cloudy and 59 degrees. Togo News time is 7 41 Cos air shelling out more than 5.5 million.

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