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They already have one of. He is Johan Larsson. They've to of that. Super super defensive centers who are very good in their own and very good penalty killers. But you can't you can almost expect nothing out of them in the offensive zone in Larson. I think has had moments this year, they got a lot of them. But I think he's been a good possession player in the offensive zone. And I think he's had a couple of good goals. I think we all see that like the goalies scores against the flyers. Like that was all him in roof. Did remember? On Eichel had that little disappearance in the Vancouver game and Johann Larson's dragging all over the conducts defenders hang on. Right. You're on ankles line for the moment Larson, but you didn't just slop jerseys. Did you write? He's not consistent at all. But offense, but he does have moments. But it said that you can go ahead and fully expect more offense from Johan Larsson than you can from Vladimir so Boca. I completely agree with that. Even though you might look at the stats and say, hey, voters got ten points. Larson's got eight. But I think that's kind of hiding something smoke has got ten points, ten point seven assists. I think those have been a lot of secondary assist as of late. Three goals on the season for Subotica two of which came in one game. Like one period, maybe even one for the rest. I looked this up in the last seventy nine games played for Subotica going back to last year in Saint Louis. Seventy nine games. He has five goals. Averaging roughly sixteen minutes of ice time in that span. But fifteen for the sabres this year seventeen for the blues last year. Smith has two goals is less sixteen total minutes played he played eleven last night. And he played eleven against New Jersey. And in the last sixteen minutes, he has played. He has two goals. Averaging sixteen minutes a night for seventy nine games sa- Boca has five and someone came back at me earlier today with but they're not the same position. One thing that the sabers actually have an advantage of right now is a lot of their forwards are versatile. There are a lot of them are actually former Centerman who have transitioned to play wing in their careers. Right now, they're sitting with a spot. Let's just four second takes out of the lineup. You still have four centers. You have Eichel. You have middle stat you've Rodriguez and you've Larsen and if you were to get into pinch. Gear Johnson's has played center a Latin his career he can be your fourth line center. And I don't think you'd miss a beat. Reinhard. They probably don't want to do this. But if you've got a pinch in the middle of a game he was drafted as a center, he played center all his life. And he's done it sparingly sense. He can do it. If you need them to they do not need Suka in this team. I'd almost rather see Kevin porter at this point. I'm not even kidding. They're so thin down the middle. Once you get past what they have in the organization right now. That's the next name. You talk about which is tough is Kevin porter. Like, I'd almost rather see him play at this point. I'm done. That's the worst contract on their team three and a half million for Vladimir so Boca. And the only reason he's really even here is because the blues wanted him in that trade. So all of that being said, it's not a crime to have him in the lineup. He can be on my fourth line. I won't be too upset. The reason that all this to me has been highlighted in the reason that you're even allowing fans and myself to get on a player like that when you overuse them. And that is exactly what Phil Housley he's been doing with the Boca. And that's one of the glaring parts of what Housley is done this season. That makes me start to question him is when you have a guy like that on the ice in three on three overtime. The moment in a game where skating ability and skill is highlighted more than ever is three on three overtime. And you've got a guy who has three goals on the season out there because he's taking a draw you need him to take a draw. Ryan Suter the wild defenseman took a draw and want it. Before like, it doesn't matter that much that you are. Leaving guys on the bench who are better players because you're trying to win the face off that doesn't make any sense. I respect the fact that possession is nine tenths of the law and overtime. If you have the puck, you're not you're not going to lose that way. We've seen it many times where that sort of thing the game against Montreal. That goes to overtime, for example. Montreal MRs their shot, crystal line and comes back the other way at the end of a shift rifles at in. It's in the net. A Mischa could be killer in overtime. So therefore possession is something that I do respect that out of fills. How Phil Housley thinking I respect that part of it. I think he's over thinking it, though, exactly on that scenario when blight him Spokane takes the ice before Jeff Skinner has seen the ice and overtime. You are thinking it, right? And really like if you do look at it on the sets he is the rest Centerman when it comes to face offs. Should I should have made? Sure to put that in there. He is. But not by enough where you're doing that in that spot. Yeah. China riley. He's a couple percentage points over your other guys Rodriguez cycle middle stat. Like, he's only a couple of percentage points over those guys. It's not a drastic difference where you need you should have him ever on the ice in a three on three overtime. He's gotten powerplay minutes this season. He has been on the ice when you were down one goal with the goalie polled. He has been the guy filled in for Eichel when Eichel left at one point with an injury. I think that was the Vancouver game. His instinct was to put the boat on line one. That worries me. When you're putting a guy in a role that he has no business being in. Because this point he hasn't proven to be capable of any of those roles. He's capable to do what I think all of us fans me everybody would foresee his job to be fourth line defensive minded forward. Who's a really good penalty killer? And he's putting way too many other spots. And that's when fans start to get on a guy like that. Why did everybody get on villi lane? Oh, more than Matt Ellis. Was it because Mandela's was a better hockey player? Villian? No, it was because Leinna was paid so much overpaid. And he was the guy who played on top six role and did nothing for you the expectations is where came and as it stands. Now. It's a three and a half million dollar player that you can't trust. I think to be in your top nine, and that's not on the sabres. That's on the blues. I don't know what they were thinking with that contract. But that was on the blues. Anyways, that doesn't overall point here on C Boca. I don't you don't have to be stuck with him in an important role. Just because you were stuck with him in that trade. You can let him be a role player while being three and a half million dollar cap on your books on your fourth line. And you don't have to worry about it. But when you're putting them on the ice and three on three overtime, Zach Bogosian and Evan Rodriguez. That's a bad job. And last night. I don't I'm still on the fence. I don't know if it was a Bronx cheer. If you're in the arena league, Texas, five fifty five fifty one let me know if you you thought it was because I'm on the fence some of us in the press box dot or on in this. We thought it was something and when Subotica Goshen and Rodriguez were on the ice. There was a relief when the puck went out of play because they've been chased around the Ronan seventeen gave the puck away like right in front of his own net. Omar bailed him out and when the police stopped and they went to the bench and Eichel. Darlene. Skinner came out that was maybe the biggest cheer of the night. I maybe want to chalk that up more to. Not a Bronx cheer to Housley. But just like alright liar. We go that these are our best three players. Let's go. This is going to be exciting. Yes. And to this over time, I think I want a chocolate the majority of that up to that. But I do want to leave a little bit of possibility that people were like, hey, coach, you got it as you know, we were all there last night in in the sweet. But I'm with you for one reason and one reason alone. I don't know if we're Bronx cheer gets that loud. Good point good point. That was probably originated excitement. I've heard some loud Bronx. Cheers, though. Yes. But that was what I let me let me let me add this point. Maybe it's not the volume. Maybe it wasn't just so loud. It was how long it was. Yes. Cheers are shorter. Exact okay. I know where it was. It seemed more of genuine excitement you could talk it up to that. But again, it was it was for me. It was part volume in the length you bring up as well as probably the best point about it. And really like it's not just spoke. There are couple of questionable decisions that I think we're all kind of getting on Housley for. I am not in a spot in this conversations come up on the station this week. I'm not a spot where I think you need to fire him at all after the season. Now at all, I can't see of scenario that's realistic where I'd want him fired. As a matter of fact, lost out as a matter of fact, breezy one of the conversations in the suite last night. I was talking with Brighton Wilson. And the question was. What happens, you know with Housley? If for example, they don't make the playoffs. I said if you don't make the playoffs, and you blew that Tang game winning streak and everything of the sort. You're probably in midseason watch next year. Another slow start in. You're probably kaput. I'm four that is like he feel starting to lose some rope. Especially with the fans, but I'm not really in that spot. Like, I'm still optimistic that this is going to work with him because I love the style of hockey wants to play. Yes, I agree. But it's just some of his decision making is making unabashedly facing the wall to the decisions that are happening within the style. He wants to play because there's some inconsistencies if you really are the coach that is gonna come in here, and you're gonna make your defense been play aggressive, which is the way I think teams should be playing nowadays have your defensemen pension joined the offense of Russia's play aggressive, style hockey and. To me. That means I want fast offense of minded puck moving defenseman. That's warrant pilot there've been some questionable decisions with him this season. That's not Zach Bogosian who is getting a ton of minutes this season. And even that's not restless crystalline, and he's playing about the same that he was under the last coach about the same. That's not Marco scandala who is yet to come out of the lineup. Even though he had as many mistakes as anybody on this team this season. There's some inconsistencies that do have me worried while I'm also being optimistic. So I'm still kind of on the fence with the coach. But like I said I'm not gonna stop at the end of the season. And I don't think really anybody should be two years..

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