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Ninety two right now sunny at o'hare eighty seven degrees at four thirty one CBS news update the Supreme Court decides the future of a federal program that protects more than six hundred thousand people brought to the U. S. illegally as children the court has ruled in favor of the so called daca program CBS news chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford it's not a broad decision yeah yet it does remove the immediate threat of deportation for these says hundreds of thousands of people who came here as children and it also leaves this issue open now for the trump administration to assuming that they're going to it's going to be in office for a while I didn't go back at it again Republican senator Marco Rubio says issues like daca should be decided by Congress not the courts you can agree that we need daca and disagree with the fact that the Supreme Court is not the right place for these decisions to be made that's not certainly the way our constitution was designed president trump tweets that he plans to release a new list of potential Supreme Court nominees after today CBS news update on that Piper WBBM his time four thirty two Illinois's top law enforcement officials applauding today's Supreme Court ruling preserving daca and protecting dreamers Attorney General Cuomo I rule released a statement after the High Court ruled in favor of Illinois and a coalition of fifteen other attorneys general along with several other plaintiffs against federal attempts to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program will tomorrow June nineteenth also known as Juneteenth it's a day that commemorates the end of slavery in this country the recent protests demanding racial equality have also increased calls to make Juneteenth the next federal holiday because of when is the associate director of the center for black studies at Northern Illinois University he says for black Americans Juneteenth is as significant a day as independence day marks this moment in our history where we that as a nation we were saying yes no one can live in and conditioner for servitude Flynn says Juneteenth also gives all Americans an opportunity to reflect on the inequalities and injustices that still face blacks and other minorities as well as what can be done to address those issues Lang says the U. S. Senate has approved a resolution recognizing June nineteenth as Juneteenth independence day he says it's awaiting action in the house Jim good as newsradio one oh five point nine FM well this Monday the Chicago area re opens the lakefront trail and the six oh six we saw a few people running biking and walking on the close trail here on the south side before the park district superintendent Mike Kelly in the mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the re opening we have a number of people were volunteering their time as social distancing ambassadors they're there to help keep you safe please be respectful and be polite please please please follow the signage and keep it moving the lake front will be open from six AM to seven PM the beaches are not opening yet the mayor said she doesn't want to see people getting fined or arrested for not following the rules she said she prefers to educate them on the lake front Mike Krauser newsradio one oh five point nine FM there's a lot going on for suburban landmark cast iron horse trough has been a landmark in Glen Ellyn for over a century it was a gift from a local businessman in nineteen oh seven last year it was dismantled and taken to a shop to be refurbished the trough is white with a large bowl in the light on top it was originally for dogs and horses but in recent years the balls were used as planters for flowers the daily Herald reports the refurbished trough we placed in front of the civic center around the fourth of July meanwhile a replica trough in place for the intersection of crescent Boulevard and main street public works officials install the replica yesterday morning and officials say the installation would have included.

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