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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Brody at this time. We'll open it up for Q and A session again for our audiences at home. Please. When you raise your hand identify your name, and your affiliation prior to your question with that will open it up. Steve. Steve Jobs, Essen y Brody. I'm just curious. How long has this been a goal of yours? Had you thought about becoming a general manager for a while now? Or is it an idea that that Jeff and Fred brought to you, and you started to dig in and feel like it was the right path. Well, like like, many people I grew up playing baseball, and the dream of working in baseball was was clearly something that that was exciting in something that you didn't know if it could become a reality when my playing days finished, I set out on a career in professional sports. Really with one goal is to try to make a positive impact on it. And so my invasion has been that ever since I entered the baseball world and the opportunity to do it for players for for the last eighteen years has been something I've taken a tremendous amount of pride in. But I think that it's a it's an exciting time to now be able to impact the game, you know, different way. And now being a position where I'm trying to win China win for for players and trying to win for an organization where where you get judged by your wins and losses. Bridge in the middle. Brodie perspective UNBC TV, you said in July, the bet shoot either trade the Graham or give them a contract now that you are the Mets how will you handle the Graham's contract situation? Sure didn't expect that question today. So so Jacob degrom clearly has established himself as the best pitcher in baseball. Hopefully in a couple of weeks he'll be awarded with the with that trophy. As I said earlier, I think that you want to try to identify the best players and you want to keep them for as long as possible. And if our vision direction does not intend to include a long sustainable winning team, then you have to consider moving players. But make no mistake. I believe Jacob degrom is is an incredible talent. And I hope to keep him for a long time. While he on the left. Matthews from new York Daily News back on the degrom issue. Did you discuss your your possibility of coming over here with degrom and Syndergaard? And if so what was their reaction to it. Yes. I did and some of the other clients clients as well. I think to a man not only with their Mets clients but also to clients around around the game. There was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm a tremendous amount of support. And and I think a belief that I may be able to bring some fresh perspectives to the to the team side quick follow up to that considering the nature of your relationship, especially with those two players in the fact, they haven't had their big free agent contracts, yet, do you think you might have to recuse yourself when it comes time to negotiate those let me answer that because I had conversations with Commissioner Commissioner's office L R D And Tony Clark directly, and we have provisions in brody's contract to to deal with any conflicts of interest. I'm sorry. I can't right now. He has rich. Risk radio. Trading deadline in winter meetings. You're going to be in a much different position than you were as an agent, you'll be making those calls and trying to get people to make trades and sign contracts being so you're on the other end of it does that give you an actual advantage in being in those times over general managers that weren't on the other side of it. I wouldn't want to say I have an advantage over over people that have more experience than I do. But but I think I have insights, I think I understand clearly what players motivations are. And what agents are trying to accomplish. And I certainly have insights into how all of the other teams operate. I think what I've had the benefit of is. I I've helped tried to help a number of teams accomplish their goals. And I have a pretty good understanding of what they want to accomplish on a on a year-by-year basis is constructing the rosters. So I do think that I have a unique perspective that I hope to bring to bring into conversations came in the middle. Tim from Newsday. Just curious what your understanding of ownership's degree of involvement is in baseball operations under ship in general or this ownership is ownership in this new situation. Well, Jeff indicated before I certainly hope that there is a collaborative approach every good organization that I've worked for his head a culture of collaboration, and that's one that I that I value. I mentioned that to both Fred. Jeff when we were going through this process that I want them to be involved and the truth of the matter is if they're not that's bad ownership. James? New York Times, a Brody just the idea that you're on you for all those years, you're on that side of the table. And you might have a rivalry would say other agents, say GM's and that way. But now that you're on this side like how will you manage those relationships and how we deal with them. Sure. Well, I think on a ten thousand foot level, I've always believed that players and teams need to form partnerships. And if they do then you find a recipe for success. I also know that agents have certain reputations. And maybe rightfully so. But the goal should be to put players in a position to succeed. And I think if agents take that approach we now say we we as teams want to try to find the right fit the right? The right formula for success. And I think that an agents will embrace the fact that we may be an opportunity in a landing spot for great players gave on the left. Dave london. Newsday. I guess this goes to both of you guys Brody. You talked a lot of a lot of investments for this team. Whether it's players whether it's scouting resources, whether it's analytical for both you guys this signal kind of a new investment in a new kind of beefing up for the match with new front office personnel. And a lot of new personnel to help in those departments as well as investing in players to. LA you answer on on new or not? But we surely have money put aside, we heard it from all of the candidates that they wanted to beef up certain areas, and what they heard some of it was writing something was wrong from what the media put out there. But we do have money put aside to make sure we have the resources they're for investments in the front office and scouting development as well. As analytics they made that clear to me through the process, not only are there resources. But I think there's real capabilities that exists in this organization already and my goal is to bolster. On top of it. Mike also on the left. Mike Fitzpatrick dissociated press for Jeff. One of the things that's raised. Eyebrows. About this higher was that there were front offices all over the major leagues with seemingly very qualified experienced people to come into a role like this. Why go for you guys? Why go in this direction something so different? What what about it is attracted you to it? I think what Brody brought and I'm not saying that anybody else loss, but Brody was the front runner for us. Because of what he talked about in terms of collaboration has excitement his feeling of what he can do with this organization where we are now going forward. And we had said forty some odd candidates that we talked about and went through and going through the entire process. This was what we thought would be best for your position going forward. I realize it's out of the box. And I said we were going to be out of the box to start and this. This was truly where we thought we could put the hands of the organization with Brody. Gentleman. Thank you very much at this time, we're going to break off into our one on ones. But prior to that we're going to stage a few photos on the front. So if you'll bear with us once the photos are complete. All right. So that's the press conference. I'm sure you'll hear more from Brody later on this afternoon. Maybe from Jeff to who knows. Look. You you heard expect exactly what you expected to hear from both Jeff wilpon and from Brody van wagon. Ron said he hopes to happen here for a long time we will win. Now, we will win in the future the players. They were all very supportive of him. He's not going to say that they were ticked off recognizes that he is not the path of least resistance. Look. He's he's never going to be somebody. That's going to look overwhelmed by a situation. He looks the part when he is sitting there and yes today, they win the press conference. Plenty of teams have won the press conference over without a doubt. I made from what they're saying on their side and Brodie van wagon and saying, hey, everything seemed to be roses when I told my biggest clients, by the way, I'm not going to be representing you anymore. Now, I'm going to be with the general manager of the Mets. I wonder if that's actually how it went down. Also, I have major questions here. Keep in mind. I'm someone who is definitely willing to give this a chance I feel like they are saying the right things, but I wanna know a little bit more here about one of the provisions in Brody van wagons contract as it comes. To as it relates rather to conflicts of interest negotiating with the Mets. Biggest players we're talking about the ground. Syndergaard Mark the other question that I would have loved to have got asked at this press conference. But I know it's limited. And I understand it. If you were the Mets GM, would you have given you an assessment is one hundred billion dollars and then figure out as the agent. What would he have said? And I don't know if he would be able to answer that. You know, honestly. But listen another thing that really stood out to me here. Jeff wilpon saying Brodie van Wagoner was the front runner they interviewed forty people are considered rather forty people that he was the front runner. I think the Mets were looking for this outside the box higher. I think that they had maybe identified him as a potential candidate for them maybe long ago. And now he's sitting there next to Jeff wilpon being introduced as the thirteenth front runner thing. You know, you're you're always going to hear that. This is the guy that we wanted all along. You don't have to say that. But. Forty people were considered. I mean, it looks like they cast a pretty wide dead. Then I say we didn't get our guy though, the front runner is a different kind of thing doesn't front runner makes you feel like he was making original thought all along. But it makes them feel like, okay? We got our guy. Like, this is the guy we targeted we identified. He checked all the boxes he confirmed. What we already thought he came in. And you know, what we got exactly who we wanted and he's an honeymoon period. Now. But you know, some of those conversations are going to have to be had like is he going to be in there and arbitration what's gonna go on when it comes down to some of those negotiations. I don't think he can be an arbitration with the ground. No, we can't. My thought would be those provisions would be he's not the one that goes hitting those contract. I want to know what does he know about cesspits in how he feels going forward? You know, he knows suspects. I'm sure it says comes off to me as a player that once he entrust you to his family. Then he he reveals a lot of information, though, what does he know about cesspits desire to to move forward coming off of these surgeries from the hills? Well, what one thing I'm sorry to cut you off. But one thing I very much did like about what he said that maybe I hadn't thought about could be a real advantage for the Mets here is he said I have insights into how every other team what they're thinking. And what kind of timelines they're operating on that was very revealing. Maybe they're making pitches to free agents and saying listen, we're actually committed to winning whereas opposed to team x still wants to be quote unquote tanking for the next two three years. So now, you can decide that was pretty smart. All right. That's gonna do it for us today. You will hear for Brody van wagon and later at four thirty with Mike and. That'll do it..

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