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To free throws. He misses auto drive at the 4 45 Mark. He misses a floater at the 3 24 Mark. He makes a meaningless three with 48 takes to go, and he misses the three With 27 seconds to go the game three. Okay, chance to go up two games to one, and he's got four attempts in the fourth quarter. This is a guy all right, Who This year, had the third most attempts per game during the regular season last year. By far he took 25 at night by four of the most next closest, was 21. In the last two games. He has taken seven shots in the fourth quarter when the game has been decided. So I'm gonna shut up now and you're gonna tell me number one. Why I'm wrong and number two. Why I need to change course and start picking on something different would well, I mean, because he's the only one to pick on Russell Westbrook We know is just in fear. In this moment. He's just not. It's not his It's not his game to go win. Russell Westbrook hasn't been that player in his entire career. He's great, I'm not saying he's not great. He's an M v. P. He averaged a triple double over the last three seasons. Or close to it, and he's He's amazing, but he's not that closer. He's not that winner. James Harden is in a sense, but the problem is well. He's not In in In theory, in theory, he's that player because he is the very thing that hair he's here, but he's their best player, Will you, dear, you had hair well, actually actually doing it, But in theory because he's their best player, that's who they should be going going, Teo and there's a couple of things that I look at this particular game. On James Harden. When the Lakers played great, I agree with you BT they're going through. They're going to play the Clippers. We'll discuss that that Siri's when it happens, you know down the line right now by the Web. Still give the Nuggets of puncher's chance for good. Yeah, it's a puncher's chance going puncher's chance. I think they went to the Yeah, I get. I guess I guess you have the Nuggets win tonight. I think you have to. But I still think it's going to be Clippers Lakers just like we thought its very beginning when we saw a game won on. The Clippers took the Lakers soul Game one and we basically said, Well, we're going to see them in the Western Conference. Final. So whatever happens from here now doesn't really matter where they unleashed the new balance commercial. That's right. That's right when he was told to run with the keys with nothing on it, But for James Harden, there's a couple of s one. Mike D'Antoni. Just like the fact that he doesn't have a bench And even if he did now, Daniel House did not. Daniel Haas did not play because of personal reasons. I guess we'll get to the will get that answer at some point positive win, but Hey, didn't play last night, so we was unavailable. They had three guys that played off their bridge. Jeff Greene Been Macklemore and Austin Rivers, Austin Rivers and been Macklemore contributed bupkis zero point Jeff Greene. Give him at least 16. But when you compare that just outright To the lakersbench, who went about seven or eight deep. It was 42 to 16. I mean, I can understand that Mike D'Antoni never uses his bench. But when you have a player or we'll forget that when you have a system that taxes the players as much as is the Houston Rockets system taxes the players. There is no way you're getting to the fourth quarter and feeling like Man. I feel good. Yeah, This is awesome. I'm gonna run up and down the court, although I got to play defense Now, Okay, run up and down the court at both ends, taking three pointers and crashing the backboard and get to the rim and shooting free throws like there's no way you have anything left you couple that with the fact that the Lakers yes, made defense of adjustments at halftime and started trapping and and pushing James Harden in positions where he had to give up the basketball. There's no relief and we know basketball because we've been watching it since we were 10 years old 55 years old BT When that happens to your best player, what do you do? You dump it inside to go get an easy basket. Big man. You don't have a big man, so it's poorly constructed. The scheme is bad. Mike D'Antoni's a bad coach and James Hard with head coach. You know what I mean? Is it a bad one sided coat? He's a bad postseason coach. He's a bad postseason coach. It is what it is. I'm not gonna dispute so when you get into a Siri's where you play in more than one time, and then in two weeks, you get you get figured out, right? That's why the Lakers lost Game one and then have not had problems. The last two, so you get figured out and without the I don't support in staff around your best player so that he doesn't have to just Jack up. Bad shot after bad shot after bad shot, Take those shots that you say he's not taken. They're all going to be bad shots, so he's trying to do the right thing. And there's just no right person to go to it. It's a lose lose situation for James Hard to be perfectly honest with you. That's how I see it. Okay, but that's fine. Emma, listen with D'Antoni and and Dara Maury. Listen, Mike's had a nice career. Dara mores interesting in the Analytics department. I think it's pretty good GM, although I think he's as you chronicle these left this this bench woefully thin. But in the grand scheme team Mike D'Antoni, Dara, Maury or mere and be footnotes historically court for We're not going to talk about them 15 years from now. No, we're not. We will talk about James Harden, James Horns of back toe back toe back. Three straight scoring titles, and every year it's the same nonsense beat up on bad teams during the regular season's right. Yeah, regular seasons. Plural, really, because he's won three straight, you know and and put up a ton of points have the green light from every inch of the court. And then when you get into the playoffs, you're very predictable. It's either a step back or a step side. Three. Get to the free throw because you get somebody to jump into your legs. Or, you know, the barrel chested, you know, euro step ploughed to the rim that results in the late if there's nothing in between is not diversified his game and you know you saw about how long we've been watching the MBA. You know some of the great MBA scores whether it's George did not heed. Not big Man George Curve in orbit nor king of water, storing your scoring title 32 a half points per game. Of course. The great Michael Jordan Allen Iverson, Dominique Wilkins help more recently Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook..

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