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Even that doesn't make sense now. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to it's a good story. It's like a good fun. Ocean's eleven ass story you need to come in with to corner the market on the old mario sixty or is this like dad's going after like dad. How you make liquor store and use that money to invest in fuck in some dumb critic by some fucking. Nfc's and scam people that way. I mean it does feel like an investment for sure it is perceived value and. I think people are there. You are making a bet. Make no mistake. You are rolling the fucking dice But i i just don't believe that this is not done with out that investment portion of being considered for sure i just. This is a bad investment. You know like did someone lose a bat and they're like Bro like did to crypto bros. Get fucked up and bid each other a copy of this. Because they're bored like you know like the do is the the other thing that happened alongside these price spikes. Is you have a lot of like young new money out there because people fucking hit it in a weird way on crypto or just did some shit on the stock market parents rich because a lot of site beta someone managed to make money on z and there are so make money on game. Stop it like you know with the first game. Stop was it was mario sixty four and here. We are in a runoff bid. Some kid whose dad owns shares in haliburton. There's dumb money right because viking other van then it goes for five grand six grand seven grand. There has to be more than one of these people with no impulse control to bid up that high right right right. It's the that is the most suspicious right like the thing i think. That's the the. The stark closed amish was closing like a pay. Pay this and it doesn't go to auction price tweeden. I don't. I don't think there was a by our on it. i think the suspicious quote unquote fishy. Nece around this is the exponential jump from the last one that was sold that orbited a similar rating. Right like it wasn't old is that The other thing that happened is that it so keep in mind. Also we've had other auctions of actually rare items like very early printings of Original super mario brothers. There was a we just got. It was just last week. It was like they held the record for like a few days where i run or very limited. Run copy of the first legend of zelda. Bright win for like eight hundred seventy grand. That's something that like. A sealed copy of that is probably few and far between and a lot of ways. And it's almost certainly more rare even if we take the conditions into account here it's a very nice condition. Nine point eight rated. Mario sixty four still. It's still only twenty five years old like there. There are more of those out there than these fucking these this run of zelda that they only made for like two fucking months like that's the thing that the rarity decides the market for right so like but not necessarily because like that's like there is a level of people spending money on stupid stuff which is about how much it cost. That's the point. Like and super mario sixty four probably has more street. Cred than a lot of other retro games like. I was picking up mail at my mailbox. Place a couple of days ago dude how to he said it was a new oakland brand but it had like some stuff written on the back of it written in mary's sixty four texts. Do you think about black people who are our age. Think about like what a cool game was that. Probably even some rare is game. That probably has more of like this is like the nfc thing or like buying expensive sneakers. The whole point is at a cost money because you get the fucking showed off the ground. You're at your fight when you're go fight mayweather spin it but there's gotta be there's a bunch of nine point eight. Mario sixty four is floating around out there. They're they're not out tonight. Point having value down there potentially are like. I would assume if there are. This will make sure it shakes the tree and they will come you know out of the woodwork. But like i believe that is the thing. And i agree like it. It does seem like it is inflated in a way that get me i ron oh my gosh sealed hundred dude million we talking here you know what you get. It's fucking carina. Collector's edition gold. Tars day patchy music. This is yeah. This would be very first run. Ooh fuck and karina. Like i already tight tight print on it. You should get that rated. That actually would agree on going to. I have a collection of things here. I need to get rated here about break out the big guns here. Here's a very well sealed copy of yoshi cookie for the s. I mean box has like one hundred grand. Yeah right this. This was unsealed puts a copy of fun school. Two for the amiga. Six hundred eighty five cents for that. Danny that's the sixty eight year old edition of fun. So let's let's go attraction that only got the audio box copy of frog fractions motherfuckers. Copy of magical chase for the turbo graphic sixteen only sold via mail order and the last offer i got on it was about thirteen. Grand oh my god of how you keep bobble jeff. Jeff doesn't want this stuff to be expensive because then he's got no justification for. I want to get rid of all of it. I wanna get graded so so the original thing i want to do and i don't know that i'm gonna have time to do it so i might just go do it is i. Wanted to see if we could go out to wada and like talk to them about their operation and how they great stuff and all this other stuff and bring games out there and be like what about these. Pay them preserve the. I don't know where they're located. Is it las vegas. Yeah the country of las vegas. Which i would not recommend going to right now but yeah like i'm really fascinated by that whole operation and i happen to have some sealed games that i wanna get. Graded only does cards and comics. They don't do games or are they. Do they may have done games. So wata is relatively recent in the grand scheme of things. There was another company. That was doing it before. But why think wada has risen to become kind of the the standard these days and And they also great prototypes. Like they actually will send them to videogame history foundation for authentication and all that sorta stuff and they will kind of authenticate a prototype and then seal it up for people that want to do that and which is super awesome as well Denver denver okay. That's not that far. Not a great state to go to at the moment but But yeah so so. I actually went through the process of looking at like. Oh how much would it cost me to get this graded. And they're you know as a factor. I a lot of this fucking land rush around this. Vga was the other one. Mr bad guy nine says that's right. Yes they were dehradun. The stuff their their response times to grading stuff and sending it back have increased. I think as a result of some of this as well as co vid and all this other stuff so they've got tiers of service. Now that like to get at magical chase graded i think would probably cost me five hundred six hundred bucks but like again for some of the offers that i have heard over the last couple of years that i almost took and.

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