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Nearly full million combined Instagram Twitter with Facebook pies, bows, I point five million locks houses heaven, and there's, I'm gonna star in Hollywood on the Hollywood head that someway, Hollywood. She is invited to kill up next to that. Adam west, the original Batman, he only got one of those last year, the before, really. Yeah. Yeah. Grumpy managed to get one as well. I am west wrong. Robin. Let's get to the back K fantastic. What are you? All right. Sorry. Having a little troll. And, and in, in happy, a cat news. Big sixties back. What? Full stop move onto the next door Heo show. Hey, hey, you never went to why. So a cat nickname, big six is fondly harm after vanishing during a photos, photo shoot, buddy. I k- I big sixty two of during the shoot for a calendar honoring New York City's five, and I responded is in funds calendar was only one so big sixty is black Wong head cat. And so this pitches of him, they posing around the neck of the shirtless waxed up, which, actually bore a striking resemblance you Louis Huey this, but we'll get did to have a look at that and say, whether or not I mean, it's you luck your brother from another mother, Madame toussaud's. It looks those look for your ain't thanks. Men to SOS. I've got mine. Gym and stuff. And so I'm sure that's what he'd be looking over your, your high vis pants are inch big black cat, dry, across your shoulder. There are not enough house in the die hot enough to look that good might maybe big six dragged over your shoulders that might help a little Oli, always a black cat. And actually, maybe that's might if you had big sixty wrapped around your neck, maybe to Mike you look too, small. But if you had all because all his little bit small bit more big. Yes. Thanks. Who's good books, earning. The nickname big sixty is back at harm after going missing for more than a month. The cat official name is bunny was participating in a photo shoot the New York City's twenty twenty if day NY calendar of heroes, the new York Daily News reported when he vanished the found writing fundraising calendar is set to include photos of five forties, and AMT's Pershing with pits adopted through the CDs shelter system coz sorry what happened was earn allegedly Silva told huffpost that's where we go from how posting very much. I'm that her cat who's nickname stint. Remy's glossy, fair, fluffy Tyler lodge size participated in one photo session at a lower Manhattan forestation without a hitch. But then she took him for the second session, and buddy decided he had other plans. He lived raw data more grasp, and bolted underneath the joint truck and saw the firehouse and the sport, the fact that they were in were inside with the doors close, excuse me, Dr one. Was able to phone him even after an hour search that included the use of thermal images. Are they've gone win any FIS in New York City, that die in thermal image is rather than saying, if people still stuck inside two buildings saving and find a cat under the fire truck. Where did they did, I think, to look, up the, the tree at the front of the far all exactly what I did nothing. He decide that Louis but had I done it. Search could have been over in five minutes. That's, that's where the cats would go. Hours of shirtless. Lewis Kirk install ganger call him in the light to get shredded. Boy, peak six more show, wouldn't be at a rate shop that wouldn't be reach out. Shoulders. Sort of moving of your on someone else in sixty. Dan, from the Trey wouldn't handle it all. That's a shot. Someone else say that can help to get big sixty out of the tree. So they started leaving food around and trying to find big sixty and it got to the point where you're being a law wife ra- month. She month yet whoa in around the, the following house of feeling that, that yoga was age is locked up in big sixty drive around his neck. So I think he might have him haunting, and he's, and he's lockout, I think Chip Beck of the house, maybe going high. Well, she had several false alarms involving strangest sitting. Not to be buddy. Fo- Salam's, Tulsa, Las onto a lock the bringing in the fall off on a little sixty or not. So six big six continue, lots of false alarms away. She had to get the fom and out, maybe tops off to look for big six on fan. Big sexy. Can you can you sit in Lewis with Eddie show on can you say re topless reek? He seemed the lark hang on topless reeks shoulders to send him around a lot of folks LA all the false thing we've got another one come as he's holding onto the Badri the smoke to take to wreak a bit. Come out. Just to change the fire alarms change this. Michael battery that dime to Saint Louis because he shows. Counry Deb Deb's judges, Michael on batteries. She excellent and the berm. Sorry, someone had a cat that have been showing up in a yacht, who bore striking resemblance to six things. Look, even more promising when the fluffy, get in the odd responded to sue voice plight over speaker fine. So, so, so, so the item brought the wrong through, and go peak six big sixty and then being sexy KYW map from big six haunting accord Attis nine. Simony immediately started. Meowing Silbert said our cold again, any meow Lalli back? Big six he doesn't have a little voice six. He's big guttural growl, just like Rick the fall, I fought. Okay. Sorry. They ended up finding her over in Stettin island a my geography of New York is absolutely rubbish. But I don't think Staten Island is run next to the house side. So the cat went went walkabout do not sitting on their strata hope. Yeah, we did it on it. He didn't make the trip. You could you could maybe call up the the local departments. I oh my little black cats up patrol could you send the ran big Rick shit on shared onto get big six? So the reason more on that story really interesting is heads some clients, bringing they cat that had gone missing for five weeks the dice, so on a Sunday rang up boarding. And so this was skinny skinny skinny skinny and saw. Attention. I sign as I'm with people when they've been stabbed. And these, you can't just art will, he's your big bowl of food, because the bodies read a point where mid Bollock laid I might not be able to handle that food. So, essentially, what we're going to work at how much energy at aids, we're going to work at we're going to give it a third of it to, to start off with refused is, and then slightly start to increase came back off the full wakes, so I think it was a bad thing was a kilo and a half law all All the the way. way we'd say it when are sore it back to put on. Eight hundred grams so it was getting close. And at that point, we rent some blogs, and everything was looking good. Yes, it's like a seven year old cat or something of that, sorry, modern recording shade or something like that. Big, but big sixties back sixty is back a lock of the cons. Come in from the widely department away with no shirts on sense. Oh shit was onto. Woodbury some smart in widely very sons mile while you the data. The is on right. Exactly. Roy. Lock that it's a great story. All right. So all advisable, hit the disclaimer Olivos boss, on the show, generally nights, you please consult you've nearing before falling any voice for you'll pit. We do provide the most up to date information. But his veterinary medicine is continually advancing and changing plays. Listen, we missed anything or if you need any clarification, what have you got. I loose. Well, this perfectly in law with the passing valet to grumpy cat. Yes. Passing away. And it was something of an Toma. We're going to talk about for wall, essentially, it's about. Falen personalities. If you will seems grumpy or aggressive v my only have yourself to blame. This is from the herald sun saunas, a fan, Phelan's really are copycats and develop personalities that mirror, their owner's interests. I wonder if grumpy cat with I naturally, grumpy people themselves. None of that. A little bit. The honest ones Tabitha. Yes. And not sure that would grumpy people themselves. Let's How to say. say. I'm sure that after pogrom pecat pasta why. And then they little cash calcat is disappearing. I will be very small, and if I San for Mets, we said to lose. Pass hits. He's a sad. It's a two loss. Brought in a lot of people's dies. Funny, memes and all that stuff. And Mitch Dawson, everything that went we stickers and t shirts. Yes, mugs. He kept mog zeal. Let's move on. So this was an journal article from plus one says own a personality and the well-being they catch ship parallels with the parent child relationship. Oh, okay. So the articles, shine their similarities between behind exhibit about people and the behavior. They cat suggests that a cat Motte absorb absorb on a sponge. Yeah. And then Mira cat near-certain Palsson personality traits from the human care, and they may be parallels of the parent child relationship of three thousand cat was surveyed and as a series of questions, this people's agreeable. Nece conscientiousness good. Extroversion new rotties nura season. Roy and hyphen. I'm Moby woods. I'm struggling with and openness. That's good fan, a number of colorations that not only the cats earn personality, but also it's welfare so heireann schools. Of new Rossi's them broader definition for that. But flavor knives. And if you not night, look it up. Where you go, and look it up. Denver go over the tall. Cat. We'll see you do that. And then start to just be agreeable typing. Yes. It's let not new roses of problem, bad, try. No, not at all. There were some issues with the cats. So people at Har schools neurosis share with the grind lock who that the cat was was a non pedigree raw and we have and would have restricted Ono outdoor access. So neurotic has done they that sought essentially that something's going on. Well that would be the end along inference, Mike in they Roby the new Roddick paper would be like that. But we can't be sure it can't be mowing. You already garnered reportable incidents of ongoing medical conditions. Brian the cats that these cats over white or very of allied Rakai. Sending the owners know. Right. I'm not sure why the to catch us can't making their despite more frequent stress linked sickness behaviors old behind your problems, and we're more anxious fearful behind you stalls on. Okay. That's really interesting more griebel owners. Yes. Our panisse not. Well, I think that's different groggy. Finis. We'll get this, maybe. More Greb line is more could indicate the cats had a normal white and despite Lissa Chrissy and aloof slash avoidance behaviors in addition that also reported being more satisfied with a cat local sow, they're agreeing to lock your cat is you can what? Yeah. Sure absolutely. Not is less aggressive yet. Strongly agree strongly agree agree with everything. Yeah, there any noises like is you. Could be white. Yes. Might be the answer was is, you know, white, yes. Maybe maybe the neurotic PayPal. I wrote little little paragraph on the nature of the strongly. Agree strongly disagree one, and I go, yuck. I yeah, we think you're, you're in the neurotic, Miami, the Nordea, easy, cata Whitelock, Omar white, maybe kiss. Now, you put the yes, it's right. Whereas agreeable pipe, will they ever the year every nine is only grabble show? Marble on Mt? More extroverted honors. Yes. Moltke provide cats with unrestricted access to the outdoors on going at cats are at Gallen related L, S extroverted than Cape them, strictly indoors,.

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