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A nightmare this is president trump plans to weigh in on an obama era policy on tuesday the president is set to announce whether he'll dismantle dhaka and deport hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants known as dreamers daca stands for the deferred action for childhood arrivals program set up under president obama on the campaign trail president trump called daca unconstitutional executive amnestying and promised to end it on his first day in office if president trump does not end daca by tuesday several states have said they'll challenge the program in court fox's caroline sharply in washington and in the western you as a heatwave cooking millions in california sacramento the high forecast at one hundred four degrees someday in san francisco transit officials slowing down trains over fears the he could work the rails meantime power outages reported in parts of southern california airconditioners their work over time while a tragic end in the search for missing phillip elfi a student geno burlary of temple university who 22yearold was reportedly last seen at a bar with joshua humpert hurts body resumed v of berlin's individuals or lose discovered in we count you'd residents of of mr hubbard's rim over philly police captain john ryan there hubbard shirts is now charged with murder was cleanup continues from harvey hurricane erma now raising concerns as it turns far out in the atlantic would heads west fox meteorologist rick right mu the water is really really warm why a lot of the models are indicating that it could be a categoryfour category five be storm somewhere out here what impact it has on the eastern seaboard we cannot say at this point what i can tell you is we can't rule it out or about currently packing winds at one hundred ten of miles per hour is not on singer tom jones postponing a planned u s h war citing health issues he seventy seven years old tom graham fox news stimulating talk breaking news on talk.

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